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*nb, this is just a small starting selection, I've plenty more prints to add and will do so in due course.

Postcard Sets

Large Postcards (216mm x 139mm)

Large Postcard Set of Four Designs


Set 1: Colchian Dragon" an oil painting, "Twilight Dragon" and "Soul Eater" both digitally created, and "Firey Black", a watercolour painting.


Set 2: "The Dragon's Rock", "Acid" featuring my character Bloodbane, "Frenzy" an evil unicorn and "Fly by Night", all created digitally


Set 3: "The Dragon in the Darkness", "Batty" (my take on a vampire), "Stormlight" and "Repose", all created digitally.



night flight thumbnail
Fly By Night Print
Red Sky Print
elder dragon rising thumbnail
Elder Dragon Rising Print
Four Dragons Print

A4 only. £3.00

Eastern Dragon Print

Wolf Skull Print
Lion Skull Print
The Dragon's Rock Print
The Twilight Dragon Print



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