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- Projects -

The Daemonslayers - my main project.
Sworn through blood to hunt down and destroy demons and other evil nether-entities, the Daemonslayers: Blackjack, a cursed black dragon, Shade, a dire werewolf and Soul, an immortal half-fay, find themselves journeying far and wide across their ill-fated realm. They are not heroes and would never pretend to such a title. Each has their own much more personal 'demons' to overcome before they can have any hope of saving their world, Tymaera. It is an isolated existence and despite the vast differences between them they know that only mutual trust and their sometimes maladroit friendship can pull them through.


Tymaera - the dragon infested, demon-torn world where it all happens. I like to indulge in world-building and this is ever-growing. Also features a large section on the dragon themselves.


Seekers of the Forgotten City - sort of a communal project that I currently don't have time to work on. If anyone wishes to take up the mantel please do so.