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Publications featuring my artwork:

'Dragonworld: Amazing Dragons, Advice and Inspiration from the Artists of Deviantart' published by Impact Books. Features a few of my pictures in various media, and an artist interview where I explain how awesome dragons are...

'A Necromancer's Grimoire: Marchen der Daemonwulf' by Necromancers of the Northwest, published by DriveThruRPG. Features my Werewolf ACEO card.

'Cut Throat Caverns - Deeper and Darker Expansion Pack 1' by Smirk and Dagger Games. Features 'Burn' as 'Ashtongue'!

'Faster Than Light' #1 published by Orang Utan Comics. Pencils and Inking for 'The Long Forgotten Enemy'

'Firebase' cover - Warseer's online fanzine. Discontinued now, sadly. Anyway I was commissioned to do that 'Unholy Terrors' picture as the cover for one of the issues.



A note on Facebook: Mostly I use my FB account for keeping in contact with people I know IRL and a few folk I've met online and am in regular (or what passes for regular far as I'm concerned) contact with. If you want to friend me on here please explain who you are and why when sending the friend request since I rarely add Randoms. Besides arranging trips to the pub, mostly I use it for complaining about things so it's not terribyl interesting. Instead I would strongly advise watching the Daemonslayers/NDart facebook group which is more relavant to my artwork and involves much less of my pissing and moaning!

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