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All content © I.Davis 2016 unless otherwise stated. Do NOT use without permission.

- Commissions and Artwork Usage -

- Commissions -
Please note, I am based in the UK and therefore work in pound sterling and accept payment via Paypal (or cheques/money orders in pound sterling only). For Paypal payments I accept different currencies, so long as it comes to the values listed below. I'd recommend a website such as to check the current exchange rate.

Digital Commissions
These are ballpark figures for full-body, single figure works. Prices may vary based on complexity of figure. Prices are reduced for portraits/bust pictures.

Full Body, detailed background in frame. £150


Full Body, less complex background (eg, mostly sky). £100


Full Body, abstract/very simple background. £75


Marker Commissions
Full-body, single figure. Inc postage. £50 - £60 depending on complexity.


Working method - usually I take half payment once the pencils are finalised then the rest when the image is complete. High res unwatermarked file will only be sent once payment is complete. I am willing to work out payment plans if 2 chunks is too much, but please note that the final image won't be released until payment is complete.


- Usage of My Artwork-

General terms for Non-commercial use only:
ASK ME FIRST!!!! and wait for a reply!
Credit must be given on the page where the image is being used and a link back to me.
You MUST email to tell me the exact address of the page (if on the web) my art is being used.
Must be uploaded to your own server, not a file-sharing site since no one has the right to agree to their Terms Of Service on my behalf.
I don't allow pictures of my named characters (Blackjack/Bloodbane, Shade, Darkclaw etc etc) to be used unless there's a good reason for me to make an exception.

Commercial Use:
If you wish to use my artwork for anything where there's even a whiff of money changing hands, then you need to email me to discuss it.

Tattoo Use:
Please note that if you have my artwork tattooed on your body without seeking my prior consent, you are automatically agreeing to a contract whereby I, Isabelle Davis, will hereby forever own 15% of your immortal soul until such a point as I see fit to give it back. Or you could just ask me first....