Inktober2018 01  Day 1. Been years since I originally drew my Dark Manticore. Thought I'd see what it's up to now and am happy to report, like any good kitty, it's keeping itself amused with ball and string. Inktober2018 02  Day 2. This was fun. A some point I'd like to come back and play with this idea some more. Inktober2018 03  Day 3. Blackjack! Doing some blood magic. I did start to tidy the drawing but decided I prefer it a bit scraggy. Suits him better. inktober2018 04  Day 4. Ca-Caw.
Inktober2018 05  Day 5. Gave the markers a rest and stuck with fineliners. Inktober2018 06  Day 6. Oh so purple. Inktober2018 07  Day 7.  Statue study. Inktober2018 08  Day 8. Full moon madness.
Inktober2018 09  Day 9. Good Doggy. Inktober2018 10  Day 10.  Blackjack again.  Dug out my Tria markers. Disappointed to find the 'new' style ones have already mostly dried out whereas my ancient ones (when they were still Letraset before W&N took over) are still going strong, despite being ~20 years old. Hm. Nothing's built to last these days, alas. Inktober2018 11  Day 11. Er. Golden eagle? Inktober2018 12  Day 12. Swan study. Clearly just phoning this one in.
Inktober2018 13  Day 13. Scribblescribblescribble. Inktober2018 14  Day 14. Just playing with a design here. Inktober2018 15  Day 15. Kitty. Inktober2018 16  Day 16. Ymmu!  He's been overdue an appearance. The Necroclast seems to like butterflies.
Inktober2018 17  Day 17. Backbone. Inktober2018 18  Day 18. Ahri, doin' some magic.  She was overdue a redraw too. Inktober2018 19  Day 19. Back to the Fineliners. Inktober2018 20  Day 20. Markers again.
Inktober2018 21  Day 21. Angry merlady. Inktober2018 22  Day 22. Kitty! Inktober2018 23  Day 23. Psychopomp Birb. 4 eyes all the better to find you with, and a candle to light your way. Inktober2018 24  Day 24. Dragon. Looks as enthusiastic as I felt that day.
Inktober2018 25  Day 25.  Ok they can't all be masterpieces. Inktober2018 26  Day 26. Chrysanthemum Inktober2018 27  Day 27. Wilderness. Inktober2018 28  Day 28. Probably put more effort into this one than it merited.
Inktober2018 29  Day 29.  Do not adjust your set. Inktober2018 30  Day 30. Dragons Three. Inktober2018 31  Day 31. Going (gone?) batty.