Pen and Ink

Tools of choice: Sakura Pigma Microns, Pentel brush pens, sometimes dip pens, white gel pen and generally whatever I get my hands on. 
Taking Flight  Media: Pentel brush pen, silver karismacolour pencil crayon and white gel pen on brown paper. Summer 2015  Drawn during a journey from hell on the TGV from the Languedoc up to Paris.  Our train broke down, then it was too overcrowded so they had to send another, then there was a bomb scare so we were diverted onto the slow tracks. Took about 7 hours or so longer than it should have.  Still, the important thing is we got where we were going in the end!  And I drew this :-) : dragon, flight, flying, white, black, ink, full body, purple dragon044  Purple dragon.  Tempera paint stick for the colour, then ink over the top. mothers day marigolds  Mothers' Day Marigolds.  Tempera paint stick for the colour, then ink over the top.  Then cut out and made into a card for my Mum. Perching Dragon  Late 2019 Pen and ink, brown paper. Found some pen and ink sketches I'd forgotten about.
Hefty Dragon  Feb 2021 Pen and ink, tidied digitally. Solid-looking dragon here. I'd bet on him in a fight. Hyrda  Pen, ink and acrylic spray paint on A3 Bristol Board The Crow King  Crow King.  Pen, ink, spray paint and markers. Splatter Dragon  More messy, spray painty inks.  I don't know what I was thinking with the orange, but it happened.
ink Shade204  Shade! Hadn't drawn him for a while. Clearly a bad moon has been rising... eyes.jpg  Eye See You... Keeper Heraldic Unicorn  Pen, ink and paint markers. Gold paint accents (not that that shows up much in a scan...).
Heraldic Dark Griffin posca draig goch  Heraldic style Welsh dragon. ACEO Woodenbullet   Watercolours, ink. ACEO for the ACEO exchange on Deviantart. Wolfshead  Wolfshead May 2018  Paint marker on A5 black card. If this looks similar to the 'Werewolf' piece over in the 'Paintings' gallery, that's because I drew this first, then decided to try a painted version.
Green Ink Dragon  Green Dragon April 2018  Pen and ink, markers. Red and Black  Red and Black April 1028  Pen and ink. Looks like Blackjack's been practicing his instrument-free open heart surgery methods.  One suspects the patient did not pull through... Smoky Wolf Skull  Pigma micron red and Derwent Graphik Linemakers on A5 smooth paper. April 2018  Working on an idea here fro a larger piece. : wolf skull ink dragon  More dragon March 2018  Pen and ink, A4 paper.
ink halo  'Halo' March 2018  Pen and ink on A4 paper. Fire Dragon  Media: Derwent LineMakers, red and black Pigma Microns on 6x12" Pink Pig 'Posh' cartridge paper.  Nov 2017  Fire dragon! =) Also coloured digitally. Derwent's LineMarkers are just slightly un-waterproof. Which gives some shading options. Winged Skull  Pen and ink, some colour pencil.  Winged muntjac skull. See 'colour pencils' section for the other version of this one. Black bird  Alternative title: "WHHHYYYY are we still heeerrreeee???!!" ... This was drawn whilst waiting hours at Carcassonne airport for a flight we knew would not be allowed to land due to fog, so quite why Ryanair didn't just get on with shifting us on to Perpignon was beyond us.  So I sat and doodled.  Threw a couple of photoshop textures on for interest. : raven, crow, ink, bird, black
Smilodon  It seemed like a good idea at the time when I started stipping this. Three hours later I hated myself and WHYYYY had I chosen the smallest pen size known to man?! (0.03 nib Copics). : sabre toothed, smilodon, prehistoric, pen, ink, stippling, Mr Fluffy  Mr Fluffy. : griffin, undead, pen, ink, skull Spirits  Media: FW and Liquitex acrylic inks, Distress Ink Spray Stain (pewter) on A4 mixed media paper. Oct' 2016.  Boy, did the toys nearly get thrown out the pram on this one... unsure what to do with the edges I thought perhaps just reach for the (aptly named) Distress pewter spray stain. Used too much and FUBAR'd the whole thing. Not sure what it's composed of but acrylic inks don't work well over it. Distress indeed.  But... this is where the Magic of Photoshop comes into play. A few clicks and this now looks as intended. Actually, not entirely as intended I had other ideas in mind when first starting out with this but as usual this picture went its own way instead. No one need ever know what a shiney mess the original is... : acrylic, spirits, dark, halloween, purple, eye, flow, evil, monsters, ghosts, green, Phoenix  Media: FW acrylic ink on 10"x7" acrylic canvas paper.  Just doodling here. : Phoenix, bird, firebird, black, red, fire, ink
Melt  Media: Pen and ink, photo added digitally. July 2016  Putting this under 'ink' because that's what the lines were done in... the photo (courtesy of my father's astrophotography hobby) was added later. : melt, heart, skull, galaxy, nebula, space Roar  Media: Pen and ink. July 2016  Rarrr. : heart, heartbreak, anger, ink, pen, teeth, fangs The Destroyer  Media: Pen and ink. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Syrax Bloodbane (Blackjack)   At the height of his power, before he grew bored and largely withdrew from the world and before he was cursed, Bloodbane was a monster against which few dared stand. And the foolhardy that did, did not live to do so again. : syrax, bloodbane, blackjack, black, dragon, black dragon, daemonslayers, character, oc, original character, true form, detail, evil, fierce, destruction, fire, full body, attack. stippled, stippling, pointillism, pen and ink, black, white Flow of Shadows  Media: Acrylic inks, watercolour, glitter, Distress stain on acrylic canvas paper Summer 2015  This doesn't have quite the flow I was looking for. Might try again. 'tis very shiney though :) Bronze metallic ink, that liquid metal powder stuff and glitter make sure of that. : dark, dragons, monsters, ink, flowing, shadows, glitter, mixed media, metallic, twisting, nightmare, dead, undead
Shadowed Wings  Media: Mixed media. Ink, marker, watercolour, glitter, varnish, Distress ink, Distress stain (pewter) Spring 2015  Mixed media. The scanner didn't really pick it up but there's black glitter under and on the wings. Varnished over the whole thing so the sparkly effect is fairly subtle. : crow, raven, fly, wings, bird, birds, animal, nature, storybook, mixed media, glitter, black, shadows, fantasy Azeth the Dracyre - ink  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Azeth the Dracyre  This took forever. So very many little tiny dots; it pretty much wore out my .03 Micron.  I didn't have a computer for a while just after I last moved house, so I had plenty of time on my hands in the evenings to get lost in the detail.  I still should have plenty of time but the internet's a distraction :D  Azeth, vampire dragon... not the nicest of beings.  Didn't have his original design to hand as a reference whilst drawing this so he varies a bit here.  His fangs tuck back like a snake's and are only usually out for a strike or threat display. I assume he's just posing for the picture here as he's terribly vain.  He is a dracyre - a vampiric dragon - a rare and unpleasant breed of creature.  Early in the Daemonslayers 'saga' Blackjack and Shade have to turf him our of Black's territory where he has taken up residence. No one likes a squatter.  Soooo many dots. argh!!! Took a week and wore my 003 multiliner SP down to a nub on this! If you want to see the progress images, such as they are, see here:  NecroDragonArt on Facebook : vampire, dragon, dracyre, evil, red, undead, vampyre, fangs, full body, daemonslayers, project, character, OC, schemeing, cruel, pen and ink, stippled, detail, Soul  Media: Pen and ink. 2014 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Soul  (wereform).  Soul in her wereform again. Drawn at a point in my life when I was between both gyms and computers so had plenty of time to do little other than put lots of teeny tiny dots on paper in my spare time. Got a couple more of these. : werewolf, female, stippling, pen and ink, black and white, ink,  daemonslayers, OC, Soul, project Tiger  Media: Kuratake no.40 brush pen Summer 2015   I got a new brush pen: kuretake no.40. It's pure sable (mrrrr) and there really is a difference between it and my pentel brush pens, which were already pretty damn good. Gave it a whirl on this picture while I was at my local art society meeting (and then finished off the next day - I can't get this much done in 2.5 hours!!). Only downside is the ink isn't waterproof but I've been ok with that so far.  Referenced from a photo I took at ZSL London. : tiger, black and white, ink, brush pen, portrait, animal, nature, animals, study, art society
Eye of Chaos  Media: Acrylic inks, watercolour, Distress ink. Summer 2015  Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts. Watercolours and acrylic inks. The pinkish 'flame' is in irridescent ink which changes from silver to red/pink depending which way the light hits the painting. I'm liking that stuff! : crow, raven, eye, chaos, chaos star, symbol, flying, bird, animal, nature, mystic, magic, purple, blue, black Mind's Eye  Media: Acrylic inks. Summer 2015  Just having some fun pushing ink around paper. : eye, burning, fire, ink, sauron, black, red, yellow, blue flow, shadows, abstract Seasonal Skulls - Autumn Fruit  Media: Pen and Ink (grey background added in Photoshop). Prints: Available from  my Redbubble   Tried to add a bit more interest to an observational drawing of a fox skull with some foliage. : fox, skull, animal, nature, bramble, briar, thorns, blackberry, autumn, fall, dead, fox skull, black, white, black and white, greyscalel Seasonal Skulls - Spring : skull, seasonal, seasons, spring, lynx, cat, bobcat, skull, animal, nature, cherry, blosson, tree, branches, roots,
Ink Dragon2  Media: Brush Pens 2015  Brush pens. I'd like to redo this on canvas, whenever I get the space sorted out. : ink, dragon, black, white, tattoo, twisted, serpent, wyrm Bitey Things  Media: Acrylic ink, Schmincke Aqua Bronze silver powder. Summer 2015  Claws that snatch, blood and teeth that bite. What do you see when you close your eyes? : viscera, visceral, blood, shadows, flowing, flow, ribs, bones, dead things, monsters, teeth, skulls Rising Dark  Media: Pen and ink. 2010  Something is rising from the darkness... : Rising, dark, evil, undead, dracoliche, dracolich, dragon, skull, decayed, pen and ink, black and white, skully2  Media: brush pen, backgroun via Photoshop. 2015  Brush pen. Slight colour fill in Photoshop, just to jazz it up a little. : skull, monster, cat, feline, teeth, dripping, blood, dark, ink, tattoo
Shade  Media: Pen and ink. Spring 2014 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Shade  (wereform).  Another piece from when I was going through that stippling phase. Since I'd drawn Soul I figured I may as well draw her mate Shade. He's not looking so well, though - Tymaera has 3 moons and what with him being undead when the Eye of Decay (the third moon) is full at the same time as the largest moon (which governs their transformations), he tends to get a bit worse than normal. : werewolf, male, undead, dire, dire werewolf, stippling, pen and ink, black and white, ink, decayed, ribcage, zombie, daemonslayers, OC, Shade, project Night Things  Media: Mixed media. Ink, marker, watercolour, glitter, varnish, Distress ink, Distress stain (pewter) Spring 2015  Mixed media. The wolf at the back rather lets the side down. : wolves, wolf, black, dark, undead, skull, decaying, gothic, illustration, mixed media, colour, Regal Dragon - ink  Media: brush pen. Background added in photoshop. 2014  Prints Available:  Zazzle   Check out the Digital Art folder for full colour version! : dragon, portrait, roar, mouth, open, fierce, thorns, spikes, scales, detailed, game of thrones, regal, black and white ink blackjack fly  Media: Pen and ink, brush pens Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   Fairly quick pen and ink drawing, just because I hadn't drawn Black' here in a while. : Blackjack, cursed, black, dragon, dracosvulf, dragon, wolf, hybrid, dragonwolf, flying, winged, ink, wings, black and white, greyscale, daemonslayers, project,
Ink Dragon  Media: Brush pens 2015  More brush pens. His scales make me think of lava :) : dragon, ink, black and white, black. brush pen, bust, head, neck, wings Red Dragon Rising  Media: acrylic ink,  September 2015  Just pushing inks round the page again.. The grey bits at the bottom are Pebeo 'fantasy' paints which I really haven't used to great effect here - I was having a play to see what they look like as I've never used them before. They're not water based though so I didn't want to risk any of my brushes. Will need to find something suitable to manipulate them with before trying again. : red, dragon, colour, rising, dark, shadows, black, evil, portrait, bust Law and Chaos - Chaos Dragon  Media: Pen and ink.  So many dots. : chaos, dragon, pen and ink, law, two headed, two, heads, stippled, detail, ink, black and white, illustration, Law and Chaos - Law Dragon  Media: Pen and ink.  Way too many dots. : stippled, detail, ink, black and white, illustration, silver, dragon, law, chaos,
Zombie Griffin  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: random undead gryphon. Appears in: Heritage : Undead, griffin, gryphon, evil, fell, monster, zombie, heritage, daemonslayers, character, comic, pen and ink, black and white, greyscale, Eagle  Media: Pen and Ink. : Animals, nature, eagle, bird, avian, pen and ink, studies, study, lines, black and white, inl, drawing, Sketchy Werewolf  Media: Pen and ink. 2010  I know it's just a fairly rough sketch but I'm quite fond of this one. It's got energy. : werewolf, pen and ink, black and white, black, anthro, sketch, fierce, aggressive Lunch - lineart  Media: Pen and ink  A hungry dragon...  see 'digital art' gallery for coloured version. : dragon, face, front, hungry, lunch, black and white, pen, ink, drawing,
Commission - Basalt  Media: Black ink wash, black liquid watercolour, white ink and gel pen on A4 bristol board. A little post processing in Photoshop Type: Portrait Commission Characters: Basalt Art for:  Kayngi   This here is Basalt, who belongs to Kayngi on DA and if you get the impression he's looking all imperious and stuff then you're right ;) He was lots of fun to draw since I really liked his character from the description she gave me. : basalt, black, dragon, portrait, ink, pen and ink, dark, proud, mean, superior Summoning the Dark  Media: Pen and ink. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Raven  and  Shade .  aka "An Exercise in Madness". I swear I was seeing dots every time I closed my eyes just after I finished this. Working on this picture reminded me of exactly the reason why I haven't attempted stippling in the last 10 years. Still, many  many  hours later we have the finished product. I hope you folks like it!   Towards the end of the Daemonslayers saga, Shade comes to accept the truth of his nature. Believing his has lost everything and in order to save the world from an evil more dreadful than the chaos demons of the south, Shade concludes he must fight evil with evil and journeys into the underworlds through the Shadow Gate to find a way to restore the dracoliche Raven to his corporeal form as the time of the final battle approaches. : Summoning the dark, shade, warrior, fighter, human, male, blonde, daemonslayer, daemonslayers, OC, project, undead, raven, lycanthrope, werewolf, dire werewolf, dracoliche, dracolich, dragon, decayed, pen and ink, stippled, The Hound of Death  Media: Pen and ink  My take on Cerberus.   Cerberus, guardian of the gates of the Spirit World. Known and feared as a beast of legend that appears from a misty doorway between worlds to drag unfortunates back into the netherworld with him. On foggy nights on Tymaera parents warn their children to behave or Cerberus will come and get them but those who know more about the Hound than common folklore tells know better than to take the name of Cerberus lightly...  Few possess the forbidden tomes needed to research the subject, but those who do have learned that this beast is the father of the Morvarg (Death Hounds), and consequently all lycanthropes. During the Age of Dust when Cerberus freely roamed the mortal world, it was the bite of his offspring that created the first dire werewolves and these progeny went on to infect others creating normal lycanthropes (i.e. living ones). Like his 'children', Cerberus is vulnerable to silver but it will only weaken him for, like the other true dead (denizens of the netherworld that have never lived but were created undead, aka 'deathless'), he cannot be destroyed. : cerberus, pen, ink, stippled, undead, three, heads, dark, decayed, Saranath - Lineart  Media: Pen and ink. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Saranath  See 'Digital' gallery for full colour version and description. : saranath, twilight, dragon, dragoness, black, white, female, pen, ink, lineart, full body, daemonslayers, tymaera, oc,
Climbing Dragon - lines  Media: Pen and ink. : dragon, chinese, asian, climbing, tattoo, lung, wingless, serpent, wyrm, eastern, pen, ink, black and white, lineart, Journal - Blackjack  Media: Pen and ink Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   From one of my journals.  I'm very good at starting them, not so good at completing. : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, flying, sketch, pen and ink, ink, pen, line drawing, lineart Direwolf - lineart  Media: Pen and ink on 1/3 A4 'Pink Pig' cartridge paper. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Species: Dire wolves  Lineart for the photoshop coloured evrsion. : dire wolf, direwolf, dire, wolf, daemonslayers, horned, horns snarl, teeth, mouth, pen, ink, black and white, project, original species, tymaera, animals, beasts Stippled Dragon  Media: Pen and ink on A4 bristol board  Lots of little dotses. : dragon, pen and ink, pen, ink, lineart, stippling, stippled, detail, black and white,
State of Decay  Media: Pen and ink.  Quick sketch, : undead, werewolf, head, face, sketch, pen, ink, drawing, decayed, Late Night Dragon  Media: Pen and ink  Doodled late one evening. : dragon, flying, full body, drawing, ink, lineart, black and white, pen, pen and ink, back, dorsal, view Random Skull  Media: Pen and ink  Skully doodle, : demon, skull, daemon, flames, fire, tattoo, black and white, pen, ink, lineart