Figure Conversion - Blackjack

AKA 'Project "I don't know what I'm doing"'.

Well. This project can, politely, be described as 'A Journey'. I'd always wanted to try Blackjack in 3D but very much lacked the skill to make it happen. Back in ~'07 I happened upon a cheap BtVS Spike figure at a convention. My housemate at the time, Innerbrat, had been having a jolly time converting BtVS figures into characters from the Fray graphic novel and when I saw the Spike figure the little hamster in my head woke up, got on its wheel and fired up the bit of my brain where the ideas (good and bad) happen.
Back home I gamely set to, making a tail, wings with sculpey and attempting a face also in Super Sculpey. Of course, Sculpey must be cured in the oven, which is not a safe place for plastic action figures. I also had no clue how to create the membranes for his wings. So then I started looking into how to attatch wings etc and what to do about the details I couldn't cook separately. I invested in some Kneadtite (Green Stuff), Milliput, air drying clay, started trying to use them, quickly realised my ambition far outpaced my talent and after something that was less 'trial and error' more 'error and frustration' sort of gave up and put everything in a box mentally marked 'Some Day'.
2015... I'm not entirely sure what sparked it but I decided to try again. I undearthed this Box of Failure and, armed with Kneadatite, a newly-acquired glue gun (thanks to my brother's judicious use of my Amazon Wish List the previous xmas), wire and determination, if not a clue, I set out to see what I could achieve...

blackjack custom fin02 blackjack custom fin01 blackjack custom fin03 blackjack custom08
blackjack custom06 blackjack custom04 blackjack custom07 blackjack custom05
blackjack custom03 blackjack custom02 blackjack custom01