Traditional graphite and colour pencils... Karismacolour were my preference but I'm also happy to work in Faber Castell Polychromos, Derwent Inktense and Prismacolor. Either way I've got tendonitis and find working in colour pencil hard going so much as I enjoy them, they're not a media I use often these days.
Sabre tooth  Prismacolor pencils on A3 black paper. A couple of Photoshop filters. March2017  I enjoyed making the blue glowy tiger so much I came back for another go! Check my sketchbook for my prelimary work... : tiger, sabre, toothed, smilodon, chaos star, eye, red, black pencil dragon224  July-Aug 2020 Faber Castel Polychromos on toned A3 mixed media paper.  Not entirely sure I picked the right media for this one, might try it again in paint or something. Yin-Yang Dragons  Karismacolor and Polychromos pencils on A4 Clairefontaine 'Natural' mixed media paper.  From the end of 2017.  I rarely bother marking the turn of the year but with various endings and beginnings in my life over the transition from 2017 to 2018 it seemed apt to do so this time.  Also I've been wanted to have a go at this idea for yonks =) : Yinyang, dragon The Dragon's Shiny Thing  Polychromos pencils on A4 black paper. Some Photoshop. Summer 2017  It's her shiney thing! And no you are not allowed it. Another holiday doodle.
A Friendly Face  Polychromos pencils on A4 black paper. Some Photoshop. Summer 2017  More doodles from when I was on holiday. I like how my beasties often wear such friendly smiles. Swallow The Sun  "Swallow the Sun" Polychromos pencils and watercolour on A4 Clairefontaine 'Natural' mixed media paper.. Some Photoshop. Summer 2017  Spent some time digging ideas out of my happy place while on holiday. Green Dragon  Karismacolor and Polychromos pencils on A4 black paper. Some Photoshop. April 2017  Just a dragon for a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon.. Dire Unicorns - Fyre  Karismacolor and Polychromos pencils on Daler-Rowney 'Cachet' A5 brown paper. Some Photoshop. April 2017 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Fyre.  Another of the dire unicorns. This one, Fyre, is (like his name) not the most imaginative beast. He's also not quite so desperately evil as some of his kin. But he is very good at putting everything on fire!
ACEO Jimmerick  'Jimmerick' Pencil crayon and watercolours on ACEO April 2018  Dipped my toe back into the art exchange community for the first time in years (not since my Livejournal days, if memory serves!). =) Jimmerick belongs to Drawn as part the April '18 round of Dire Unicorns - Aerlys  Karismacolor and Polychromos pencils on Daler-Rowney 'Cachet' A5 brown paper. Some Photoshop. April 2017 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Aerlrys  She also has little strings of diamonds in her hair.. but I forgot to put those in.  Aerlrys, an accursed creature who is in constant pain and wants to share it with all she encounters. Dire Unicorns - Ruin  Karismacolor and Polychromos pencils on Daler-Rowney 'Cachet' A5 brown paper. Some Photoshop. April 2017 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Ruin  A viscious, brutish creature whose hatred literally consumes him from within. Winged Bobcat Skull  Karismacolor and Polychromos pencils on Daler-Rowney 'Cachet' A5 brown paper. Some Photoshop. April 2017  Just a bobcat skull flying along. Places to go, things to do...
Winged Deer Skull  Inktense and Prismacolor pencils on A4 black paper. Some Photoshop.  Just playing here. Dinosaur Skull  Prismacolor pencils on A4 black paper. Some Photoshop.  meh. pencils spectral dragon  Prismacolor pencils on A3 black paper. Some Photoshop. March 2017  "I've been living on the edge so long, where the winds of limbo roar ... I'm not sure there's anything left of me"  Those lines from Blue Oyster Cult's  "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" got stuck in my head as I was finishing this off. pencils sabretooth  Prismacolor pencils on A3 black paper. Some Photoshop. March 2017  This would have strongly benefitted from some actual anatomy references and better planning. I still like it but would like, at some point, to redraw as what was going on here was a lot of fun to draw...
Red Fox Skull  Prismacolor pencils on A3 black paper. Some Photoshop. March 2017  Still enjoying those pencils on black paper... I find blending really hard going on my gammy wrist but Photoshop kindly lends a hand there! : red, red fox, fox, skull, animal, blood, drip Inktense Dragon  Media: Derwent Inktense pencils   I discovered Derwent's Inktense pencils last summer. They're a delight!  Unfortunately I have even more recently discovered they are not very good when it comes to lightfastness. I'll still use them but will need to consider making prints of originals instead of expecting the originals to last or something. meh : red, dragon, inktense, pencils, lung, asian, chinese, colour, color Blue tiger  Media: Prismacolor pencils on A3 black paper, some mild adulteration in Photoshop.  Referenced from:  "Grrr, I'm a bioluminescent tiger who has no evolutionary advantage at all and really am probably doomed. Rarrr" : tiger, blue, black, pencils, face, snarll Purple Squirmy Wyrm  Media: Karismacolour pencil on brown paper.  Purple dragony thingymajig. It wasn't supposed to be quite so purple-y but I got a bit excited with the colour. : pencils, purple, dragon, wyrm, serpent, demon, green, brown paper, colour, color
Chimera  Media: Derwent 'Graphitint' and Prismacolor pencils on brown paper. A5   Chimera. When I were a wee young lass we (ok, it was my brother’s but we did manage to share as children) had an illustrated book of mythology. Obvs the dragons came first but close on their heels my favourite beast from these tales was the chimera. I drew one once a while back but it was only the heads so, far as I can recall, this here be my first full-body picture of my take on them. More than a slight nod to the Chimera of Arezzo which is one of my favourite pieces of art. Graphitint and prismacolor pencils. And I have to say prismacolor are far inferior to karismacolour... : chimera, pencils, greek mythology, myth, goat, lion, snake, graphitint, monster, colour, color Green Skeleton  Media: Karismacolour pencils on brown paper. A5  Looks like this chap could do with a square meal or two. : skeleton, undead, demon, antlers, stag, skull, green, pencils, anthro, humanoid, colour, color Demon Skull  Media: Karismacolour pencils. A5 paper  I don't like the horns :( Too late to fix that now though. : skull, undead, demon, horns, skull, pencils, colour, color Climbing Dragon  Media: Derwent 'Onyx' pencils  Trying out some new pencils.  Textured background dropped in via Photoshop. : dragon, pencil, full body, sketch, onyx, derwent, western, winged, climbing, no background
Selkis - Commission  Media: Derwent Graphic pencils. A4 bristol board  Selkis for  Vvlkn  over on Deviantart.   Character design work, as an interesting change of pace ^^ : dragon, pencil, portrait, female, selkis, commission, bust, sketch, vvlkn, greyscale, black and white, Be Aggressive  Media: pencils and inked lines.  Preparation work for an oil painting (see 'Paintings' gallery). : dragon, pencil, portrait, roar, mouth, open, fierce, aggressive, greyscale, black and white, Sea Monster  Media: Derwent Graphic pencils on bristol board. Background via photoshop. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"   A Tymaeran sea monster, the sealodd. Generally summed up as giant ship-sinking bastards. I'd had the rough lines hanging around my sketchbook for a while but only got around to rendering the actual pencils whilst sat at my table during the one of the London MCM Expos. : sea monster, monster, pencils, grey scale, black and white, old paper, book, bestiary, daemonslayers, tymaera, tentacles, cephalopod, octopus, horned, monstrous, Ymmu and the Butterfly of Happiness  Media: Karismacolour pencils, inks, on bristol board.  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Ymmu Ymmu, the right-hand skeleton to the Lord of the Undead. He meddles in mortal affairs on his master's behalf and enjoys his work. The gauntlets he wears cut not just flesh, steel, magical armour etc (actually there's nothing that'll stop them) but they also shear apart souls as he commonly has to undertake the task of tracking down escapees from the Spirit World. Not all of them want to come back and so must be dealt with by other means. He is also an unsurpassed necromancer. He's not actually evil. In fact, he's quite an eccentric with a decent (albeit very droll and unsurprisingly morbid) sense of humour. Sadly people tend to be too terrified of him and his reputation to find out or understand when he's actually joking. But that's ok 'cos he has his little pal the yellow Butterfly of Happiness to talk to. Aww. : undead, skeleton, anthro, ymmu, butterfly, dark, gothic, black, leather, horned, daemonslayers, OC, character, colour, color
Ground Wyvern  Media: Derwent Graphic pencils on bristol board.  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"   2006. I had a brief foray into 3Dness with some fimo-esque stuff and made a wyvern-like creature. For the wings I used liquid latex but because the latex membranes kept going wrong (they got all stuck together and ended up looking like stir-fried condoms) I opted instead for a more decayed look. Then I drew this picture based off it. It's meant to be somewhere foggy. Some areas I like, like the 'upper arm' of the wing nearest us but some bits kind of went halfarsed because my wrist started to hurt. Yay carpal tunnel.  Worldbuilding: Ground Wyverns - a race of flightless, dragon-like creatures. They look much different from the normal serpentine winged wyverns. According to Dragon Lore this is because ground wyverns were once true dragons, but after somehow angering the gods with sins now forgotten the entire bloodline had the gift of speech, flight and reason taken from them and they degenerated into little more than beasts. Unlike true wyverns these creatures can never be tamed and make for a dangerous nuisance. : dragon, misshapen, ground, wyvern, flightless, dark, pencils, graphite, grey scale, black and white, full body, background, tymaera, daemonslayers atc01 pencil dragon  Media: Derwent Graphic pencils on 2.5x3.5" Artist Trading Card : dragon, close up, face, eye, portrait, pencil, black and white, graphite, greyscale Dragon portrait - pencils  Media: Derwent Graphic pencils, bristol board.  Probably could have handled those talons better. Still, life is a learning curve. : dragon, pencils, portrait, fierce, drawing, graphite, grey scale, black and white, Thinking  Media: Derwent Graphic pencils on bristol board. A4  Just a dragon having a think about something. : dragon, portrait, thinking, thoughtful, pencils, black and white, grey scale, detail, detailed, scales
chimera  Media: Pencil on bristol board. A4 Another of my favourite mythological monsters. I originally thought about drawing the heads looking closer to their natural counterparts, but then I decided that since this is a monster I'd play with their appearances a little, 'specially the lion head. : chimera, fantasy, greek mythology, mythology, lion, snake, goat, heads, three, pencils, detailed, evil, monster, myths and legends, myth, graphite, greyscale, black and white, portrait dragons of life and death  Media: Colour Pencil Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Characters: Madrukh Jakara and Nihilerax  The story of the great silver dragon Madrukh Jakara and the evil black dragoness Nihilerax Derios is a tale of a doomed love that was never meant to be.  It is rare for lawful metallic and anarchic chromatic dragons to become lifemates yet it is not unknown for dragons to fall for one another so deeply that they can put aside the ancient, ingrained traits of their colours and bloodlines and become one. This happened between Madrukh and Nihilerax in a relationship that began, surprisingly, as a war between the two over territory with Madrukh defending not just his land but the people that lived on it against the marauding black. Each being ancient wyrms possessing vast and powerful magics seemingly equally matched the war went nowhere but their respect for one anothers' abilities outgrew their animosity and gradually a relationship formed.  Although their happy to have intercourse for fun, dragons will mate to procreate very rarely. In the millennia they were together, Nihilerax became pregnant with a clutch of eggs just once but this time of joy spelled the end of their time together. Unlike most mortals dragons do not age once they have reached their prime so age is no enemy to them however they can still contract disease and such happened to Nihilerax. She realised she was dying but had no desire for her life to end and resolved to use her magic to harvest the lifeforce of her offspring to banish the disease and bring her back to health.  At first, desperately wanting his love to live and frustrated that his own not inconsiderable power could not heal her, Madrukh agreed. But as time passed he realised he could not condone for his innocent young to be sacrificed. He could not tell Nihilerax of this for such was her selfish will to survive at her youngs' expense he suspected she would flee to some hidden place to give birth and then steal the life from her own hatchlings without him to stop her. He waited, gathering his strength until the day Nihilerax laid her eggs. Teeth bared Madrukh gathered the eggs to him and told her he would never, could never condone such murder.  Nihilerax had not suspected this betrayal from her lifemate, thinking egotistically his love for something as wonderful as herself would know no bounds. Something inside her snapped and the centuries of inherent evil she had withheld for the sake of their love was unleashed. Screaming she flew at him and the two fought more fiercely than ever before. Of the eight eggs laid, seven were destroyed in the battle. Choosing to save a life rather than fight to a bloody, bitter conclusion, Madrukh took the last egg in his talons and fled, using his magic to teleport across the continent, not caring for the destination so long as Nihilerax would not follow too quickly. His magic brought him to the Evermoors, a seemingly endless wilderness of fen, marsh and moor. Here he hid the egg, casting upon it spells of protection and concealment before he flew on, hoping the dragoness would not expect him to abandon the egg and so track him.  For a time Nihilerax did hunt Madrukh but her weakening state soon stopped that. Death was close and without having any young with her blood - her lifeforce - running through them for her to reclaim as her own, the disease would kill her. In her long life Nihilerax had studied many forms of dark and black magics and in her final hour she called upon an incantation she had read in the crumbling and mouldy pages of a book on necromancy believed to have been stolen from the Necroclast himself. She altered her Word of Being, thus changing her state from alive to undead and became a dracoliche.  Nihilerax now haunts some of the world's most ancient peaks, the hoary Grey Mountains and guards the ill fabled House of Dusk. Madrukh's whereabouts however are unknown. He lives somewhere in Caevalonia with only the deep and horrible facial scars he received in their confrontation as a reminder of what he once had and lost. Each secretly dreads the day their paths are destined to cross for one final, bloody battle. : Dragons, life, death, undead, silver, law, chaos, dracolich, dracoliche, evil, good, daemonslayers, legend, dragon, blue, purple, pencils, pencil crayons, drawing, project, OC, character, Drakhenliche  Media: Pencils Character: Drakhenliche  My personal dragoness. : Drakhenliche, drakhen, drak, pencils, dracolich, dracoliche, dragon, dragoness, full body, drawing, black and white, greyscale, Commission - Farakcalpeth  Commission: Full body Character: Farakcalepth.  Copyright to his creator. :  Farakcalpeth, commission, full body, pencils, dragon, six, 6, wings, two, tails
whitespace dragon  Media: Pencil crayon on bristol board. : red, black, purple, gold, dragon, pencils, pencil crayons, Three-Headed Dragon  Media: Colour pencils over lines.  Blather: He was going to be called Gorgoroth, but then I remembered that's already the name of a black metal band so I changed my mind. Caran D'Ache supracolour and Karismacolour pencils on plain paper. I did this whilst bored in my hotel room on a business trip in Switzerland.  Still can't believe they sent me to Switzerland. It was wonderful.  It was a training course for programming Biomek FX's. It was great. I still have a soft spot for them but these days we use Agilent Bravo's for a liquid handling automation. Pity. If you want to talk to me about liquid handling robotics then feel free. : Three, headed, dragon, chaos, gorgaroth, black, red, pencils, full body, standing, evil, pencil crayons, Light of Dawn  Media: colour pencils on A4 bristol board Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Dawnbringer  Worldbuilding: Dawnbringer. Legendary as one of Kalganos's first 'children'. Tsingsagroth was the first goldren dragon. To start with, legend had it that the first twelve dragons were of no colour and only earned their colouration through their actions. They then passed their colour on to their offspring and so the different colours of dragons were created..  The story goes that during the stuggles of the gods in the Age of Immortals, the dark gods banded together behind the God of Dusk and sealed the sky with eternal twilight, Six of the twelve first dragons did not care, but the other six did. The strongest of them flew up to touch the sky and, with his great claws, tore the veil of dusk, sundering night and bringing light to the world once more. As the sunlight streamed through it's rays touched his scales making them shine like gold. And so the first goldren dragon came to be.  End of Tymaeran mythology lesson. : daemonslayers, lore, legend, dragon, dawnbringer, character, world building, story, gold, gold dragon, pencils, pencil crayons, Trade - Psydrache  Media: Pencil crayons Type: Art trade Type: Full-body Commission Characters: Psydrache Art for:  Psydrache : trade, psydrache, white, blue, dragon, flying, mountains, pencil crayons,
undead dragon charcoal  Media: Charcoal and white pastel on blue cardstock.  Necro. : Charcoal, dragon, dracolich, undead, zombie, dracoliche, face, portrait, black and white, Charcoals - Dead Things  Media: Charcoal and white pastel on blue cardstock.  I still don't understand how/why but for a time this was one of my most popular pictures on Deviantart. : Charcoal, dragons, dracolich, undead, zombie, dracoliche, face, portrait, black and white, Thoughtful  Media: Pen and ink, karisma colour pencils Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   He's looking pensive I think because I was feeling pensive.  I'd just come out of a long term relationship and had a lot to think about. : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, pencil crayons, pencils, colour,smoking, sitting, thoughtful