Inktober17 01 dragonbeastie  01/10/2017  Just a little scribbly one. Thought if I started out setting the bar low then I wouldn't need to worry too much about what I shat out in the coming month so long as I did at least something each day.  In my early teens I remember quite clearly an occasion when our art teacher set us homework to paint a still life of a bowl of fruit.  This was not a topic that interested me so what I produced in about 15 minutes was a plain bowl with a token apple and banana in. It was not very good. The art teacher looked at it, delivered to me what you would call A Hard Stare and informed me that I could do better, couldn't I?  I mumbled some shamefaced agreement whilst inwardly being totally not sorry I hadn't spent any more time on it.  This picture makes me think of that moment... Yes I could have done better but then I didn't actually try and rather than being ashamed I shall instead own that =) Inktober17 02 deepseaeel  02/10/2017  Under the sea...  It's still scribbly but I put more thought into this one. I like the concept and style of angler fish but to me their general appearance is kind of dumpy and I don't find that I wish to draw them like that.  I also like gulper eels but they are kinda gawky. BUT.. combine the two and we have something I'm happy to draw. Inktober17 03 goatskull  03-10-2017  Cheating... took a an abandoned piece from ages ago on scribbled all over it. Looks vaguely more interesting now. Inktober17 04 swamp dragonl  04-10-2017  Bringling life back to more abandoned sketches.
Inktober17 05 raging dragon  05-10-2017  Another abandoned sketch - again had a bit of a face, neck and one wing so I scribbled the rest in. Red ink still counts, yeah? Inktober17 06 snake dragon  06-10-2017 Not my best work. Sorrynotsorry. Finished up another old and blah sketch. Inktober17 07gorgon  07-10-2017  The full colour version of this lady's over in the 'Paintings' section. The original ink doodle was something I never quite got around to finishing. It still doesn't look very finished but hey. Near enough. Inktober17 08dragonhead  08-10-2017  Dragon head. Added some finishing touches to a half done piece from ages ago.
Inktober17 09dragon  09-10-2017  Another abandoned doodle (from about 2010 this time). I didn't like how the dragon's head was working out, got fed up and wandered off for ... several ... years. I'm still not very happy with it. Ah well. Inktober17 10cerberus  10-10-2017  Puppy!  Compare this to the last few days you can see I've suddenly perked up. Doubtless on some level this reflects my state of mind out in the real world too. I'd been very stressed out to the point I was off sick. Then I started to get the hang of myself again here. Inktober17 11 sphynx  11-10-2017  Day of the Dead Kitty! Inktober17 12 heartbeat  12-10-2017  Scribblysketchysketchsketch. There's more than just black ink out there... after this one I started pulling a few more colours out of the pencil case.
Inktober17 13 scribbledragon  13-10-2017  Stress dragon. Doodled as a distraction while having a difficult conversation... but given that was the nature of the first of this series, I'm going to point out here that this is a much better doodle. Inktober17 14 dragonface  14-10-2017  Was busy this day so threw black and white ink all over a pencil crayon piece I'd abandoned. Inktober17 15 bloodandbone  15-10-2017  Gosh. Spot the point during this month where I turned a corner! My mind suddenly kicked itself into gear. Also decided water soluble markers qualify as ink. Inktober17 16 the howling  16-10-2017  Snarly teeth and ragged feathers
Inktober17 17 nightmares  17-10-2017  Ponies! Take a ride, I dare you... Inktober17 18 Blackjack  18-10-2017  Blackjack! Something about his dragon form's face at the top there didn't go quite right but generally I'm pretty happy with this =) Inktober17 19 Sabertooth  19-10-2017  Sabretooth!  These ones are all tall and narrow because I was working in my lush 12x6 Pink Pig 'Posh Pig' sketchbook. Inktober17 20 tree of life  20-10-2017  The Tree of Life - revisiting the silk cushion I painted under Jane's tutorage.
Inktober17 21 red dragons  21-10-2017  Red dragons. Inktober17 22 tired drakhen  22-10-2017  Drakhenliche herself... was very mentally tired this day so I thought I'd let her speak for me. Inktober17 23 merdragon  23-10-2017  Merdragon. Or something. Just sort of winged it. Inktober17 24 griffin  24-10-2017  I'm not sure Line Painters count as 'ink' but hey.
Inktober17 25 werecat skeleton  25-10-2017  Line painters and black acrylic ink again. Inktober17 26 Capnomancy  26-10-2017  Capnomancy. What is it you see in the smoke...? Inktober17 27 Beetle  27-10-2017  Beetle!!! Inktober17 28 ill omens  28-10-2017  Birbs!
Inktober17 29 full moon weerwolf  29-10-2017  Shade and his wereform. Inktober17 30 scorpion  30-10-2017  Scorpion! Deleter water soluble brush marker. Inktober17 31 black widow  31-10-2017  Spider!  Same pen as yesterday.