Acrylics: I prefer Daler Rowney 'Cryla' and Winsor & Newton 'Artists' ranges. I'm not too precious about the brushes but DR's System3 range are usually what I use.
Watercolours: Winsor & Newton Artist range, Series 7 Kolinsky brushes if at all possible.
Cry Wolf  Media: Acrylics on stretched canvas.  2013  Study of a wolf skull replica I have. With a little imagination thrown in :) : wolf, wolf skull, animal, skull, nature, black, dark, red, blood, smoke gouache ornate dragon  Jan-Feb 2024 Turner Acrylic Gouache and Golden Acrylics on A3 mixed media paper.  Had fun with this. Picked up an LED projector. Something I probably should have bought ages ago because my piddly little sketches never work out when I redraw them onto bigger supports. So it was refreshing to have a little help transferring my design instead of eyeballing it then getting caught up in corrections, to the point I did an underpainting to work over.  Don't know if it makes this look much different to my other work to anyone else, but I feel it did :-)NEW ice dragon  "Ice Dragon" Autumn 2024 - acrylic paints on A3 mixed media stock. At home in the glaciers.NEW vincent the cat  "Vincent" Summer 2024 - acrylic paints on A3 mixed media stock. My kitty! Technically, he's a silvery grey (or 'blue' if you want to use the fancy term) cat but this was an exercise in using up spare paint so here he's whatever colour I was using up. From a photo since pets don't really sit for portraits.NEW
gouache storm dragon  Jan 2024 Turner Acrylic Gouache on Canson Oil & Acrylic stock, A4.  More learning how to work with acrylics gouache. Dries a lot faster than regular acrylics.NEW gouache dragonfly meadowhawk  Jan 2024 Turner Acrylic Gouache on Frisk watercolour postcard.  Flame Skimmer (I think) dragonfly - from a photo I took in Canada last summer.NEW gouache circle dragon  Jan 2024 Turner Acrylic Gouache on Frisk watercolour postcard.  Trying out acrylic gouache paints with this circle dragon design that seems to be one of my go-tos when trying out new mediums - silk, enamel paints, etc.NEW Howl of the Hunt  March 2022 Acrylic paint on A2 bristol board  First. Scanning and then stitching this back together was an utter nightmare. Anyway.  The Morvarg! Over in the digital section is the original version of this from a few years ago. It's ok and I like the idea in it BUT I wanted another go. Not sure where all the extra teeth came from but you know what? I like it :)  Prints available over on Redbubble, Society6 and Displate ;-)
gouache bee  June 2023 Gouache on A6 postcard.  Random bumblebee on bramble. gouache serpents  June 2023 Gouache on A6 postcard.  Eely things. acrylics chilled dragon  Chilled Dragon. 2021. Acrylic paint on natural colour mixed media paper.  Think I only used Perylene Green and White for this one. Conversations I Wish I'd Had  Conversations I Wish I'd Had Feb' 2022 Acrylics on A4 paper. 'Nonsense' painting.  Venturing into the world of Golden Acrylics. They're beautiful to paint with. I would say I don't know why I didn't paint with them sooner but the answer to that would be something about the cos
Among the Flowers  Among the Flowers Summer 2021. Acrylics on A4 mixws media paper. Quick cat skull study that I spent too long on. Feathered Dragon  Summer 2021. Acrylics on A3 mixed media stock. All the blues. Bone Cerberus  April 2021 Acrylics on mixed media stock  Started off with playing with the new paints again, and then I dug out some of the existing colours to add.  Honestly I still don't know what my plan was for this; I just kept throwing more paint at it until it seemed like a good idea to stop. Muted Violet  April 2021 Acrylics on A4 mixed media stock.  Bought some new paints, a mixture of Liquitex and Golden acrylics in colours I've not used before.  I'm a big fan of convenience when painting - much prefer to use stuff straight from the tube because whilst I do like to mix colours, I also get stressed about my mixes being inconsistent. And sometimes I just want to paint without the stress.
Quinacridone Dragon  April 2021 Acrylics on A3 mixed media stock.  As per the title, here I reached for the quinacridones; violet and quin' maroon.  Which my scanner promptly ate.  I've also realised these last few dragon portraits all have frills down their necks. Will try and do something different with the next one Because Variety. On The Tide  Summer 2020 Watercolour on cold press paper Was trying to keep this as a nice, fluid painting. But did that thing where I was going to kill it with details so had to step away. Infrared   Acrylics on A3 mixed media stock.     An exercise in pyrrole red and paynes grey.  I got annoyed because the size of the canvas became a limitation here so didn't put as much love as I could have into this piece. BUT... if you check out the Digital Art section I revisited this one and extended it into the picture my mind's eye wanted. Except the reds are off. Green Fire Dragon   Autumn 2020   Acrylic paint on A3 mixed media paper.   Yeah... really lost all imagination on the titles. It's more about the painting than the naming, for me. : Firey
Absinth Dragon   "Absinth"   Acrylic paint on linen canvas board. Thoroughly enjoyed playing with the colours and all the green glowy dragony goodness here. I'm intending to do a resin pour over this one but I don't imagine that'll make it any easier to photograph so this stitched scan will have to do. A Closer Look  Acrylics on A3 mixed media paper. Chrysanthemums  Sept 2020 Acrylics, acrylic inks and spray paint on A4 mixed media paper. Chrysanthemums. Because I fancied painting some flowers =) Scaredy Cat  Sept 2020 Scaredy Cat! Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper.
One With The Moon  Aug/Sept 2020 One With The Moon Acrylics on canvas board.  Bit of a mistake, the canvas board - the texture fights a bit too much with the image =(  Might try this wolf again some time. Dragon Portrait  Aug 2020 Because dragons =)  A revisit to Saranath, the dragon from my 'Twilight Dragon' digital painting from a few years back. Think this look suits her a bit better but I didn't have space to include the runes on her wings. Acrylics on A3 mixed media paper. Prehistoric  Acrylics and inks on toned A4 mixed media paper. Dark Tidings  Acrylic paints and ink on porcelain canvas.
Rabbit Skull  Watercolours and ink. I found a rabbit skull walking around site during my lunch break. So of course I had to take it home =)  A nice bath in peroxide solution and some glue to stop the teeth dropping out and Bugs is looking fine. : Rabbit skull Winter's Breath  Posca paint pens, ink.  Fixed up that Inktober piece, as I wasn't convinced the original was living up to its potential.  Still might come back to this. Water Dragon  Paint markers on toned mixed media paper. Blood Dragon  Posca paint pens on toned mixed media paper.
Little Owl  Little Owl, in watercolours. Limited palette of 2 colours. A local bird sanctuary were doing a spot at a place near me and this little guy was sitting there, looking really quite cross at how much bigger the rest of the world was compared to him. Kept looking the other way when I tried to get a photo but I managed this shot in the end. Tiger Tiger  Watercolour practice and then threw some paint markers over it, which dripped but I could work with that.  The light grey outlines are metallic silver, but that doesn't show on screen, alas. Green Flame  Watercolours and ink. Mai  I do love Alphonse Mucha's work.  Ah ode to it here, trying a different take on his 'Mai' piece.  Watercolours. : Mai
Werewolf  'Werewolf' May 2018  Bit of an experimental pice. Dr PH Martins 'Hydrus' watercolour applied with airbrush, details with brush and gouache. Markings described with Molotow 'Liquid Chrome' paint pen.  All topped off with a layer of art resin. ~13.5 x 23.5 cm Drakhenliche  Drakhen May 2018  Dr P H Martins 'Hydrus' watercolour and blank pigment ink on 30 x 40cm Hannamuhle 425gsm paper. ... I just wanted to paint something and then throw lots of ink over it and I hadn't painted my liche for a while so here she is =) Sleipnir  Sleipnir May 2018  Watercolours on A4 watercolour paper. I struggle with horses, especially their legs. So why on earth I thought Sleipnir would be a good subject, who knows?! Crowfood  Crow Food -  - Acrylics on A4 black card. April 2018
The Black Dog  'The Black Dog' - Acrylics and self levelling gel on A3 mixed media paper. March 2018  AKA Depression. We all bump into this puppy sooner or later. Or at the very least know someone who has. I don't think it's a malignant creature but it's in so much pain itself it doesn't know how not to hurt us.  You need to see the original really. Used the Golden self levelling gel on the 'dog' which makes it stand out darker than the rest. Lovely stuff. I plan to play with it more in future. Invitation  'Invitation' - Acrylics on A5 card. March 2018  Scribble for a friend I tried to invite along to something. Never RSVP'd :-(  No manners, some people or maybe they got the wrong idea and thought I was coming for their soul XD Cheerful Smile  Acrylics and paint markers on A3 mixed media paper. March 2018  This one's going on my wall.. been rather down lately so I painted a Blackjack here with an encouraging smile to remind myself of life's happy things.  Maybe this should be my next tattoo - a reminder to turn that frown upside down...? Eel Teeth  Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper March 2018  Eel teeth.. used an eel skull for inspiration. Came back to life and turned out to be a dragon :D
meltyskull  Acrylic on A5 black card March 2018  Melty Skull... 'cos it's all melty and stuff. kitty gizmo  Acrylics on 7x10" canvas paper. March 2018  My cousin's kitty Gizmo. kittyfaces  Acrylics on 7x10" canvas paper. March 2018  A friend's beautiful maine coons =) Happy Dragon  Media: Sennelier 'Abstract' acrylics and various brands of paint marker on FaberCastel A3 mixed media paper. March 2018  Just having some fun with my paints.
Play Bow  Media: Sennelier 'Abstract' acrylics and various brands of paint marker on FaberCastel A3 mixed media paper. March 2018  'Play Bow' - he's just a friendly kitty who wants to play with your intestines... Tarot Card - The Hermit  Media: Dr P H Martin's liquid watercolours on Faber Castell watercolour paper.   January 2018  It's that kitty again.  The Hermit is kind of my card. I like solitude and reflection. Obviously too much is not necessarily a good thing but keeping it at a healthy level is my gig. : tarot, hermit, cat linepainter dragonhead  Media: Derwent 'Graphik' Line Painters on A4 Clairefontaine 'Natural' mixed media paper. ~September 2017 Dead Things  Media: Derwent 'Graphik' Line Painters on A4 Clairefontaine 'Natural' mixed media paper. Autumn 2017  Things and stuff.
Dark Dragon  Sennelier 'Abstract' acrylics and FW acrylic ink on A3 FaberCastel mixed media paper. Some Photoshop post-production August 2017  Where did I go over the August bank holiday weekend? Why I went to my happy place... and look what followed me back =) Dark Pegasus  Sennelier 'Abstract' acrylics and Pebeo 'Dyna' iridescent acrylic paint on A3 FaberCastel mixed media paper. August 2017  Pegasus! Shiniest horse of them all. Syrax - Linepainters  Media: Derwent 'Graphik' Line Painters on A4 black paper. May 2017 And if you don't know who this is, you haven't seen enough of my art.  Syrax, looking very much at home on the black paper. Smilodon - Linepainters  Media: Derwent 'Graphik' Line Painters on A4 black paper. May 2017
Linepainters - Cigarette Break  Media: Derwent 'Graphik' Line Painters on A4 Clairefontaine 'Natural' mixed media paper. April 2017 Linepainters - Get Well Soon Dragon  Media: Derwent 'Graphik' Line Painters on A4 Clairefontaine 'Natural' mixed media paper. April 2017 Gifted the original to a friend. Moon Crow  Media: Watercolour, black holographic glitter, markers, acrylic paint, watercolour, acrylic interference and pearlescent media, acrylic irridescent ink, metallic ink, white gel pen. On A4 mixed media board. April 2017  sold   I threw a lot of things at this! And had a lot of fun. I do love corvids...  In person it has a lovely sheen that changes with the angle you view and the glitter actually shows. Which is lovely but ultimately horribly difficult to capture with a scan/photograph.  There's another photo in the 'sketches' section which shows the irridescent colours when viewed at an angle. : Moon, crow, flying, Candle Dragon  Media: Watercolour, brush pen, chinese ink, pencils on A4 Clairefontaine 'Natural' mixed media paper. Plus some Photoshop. Summer 2017  Watercolours probably did most of the work here so this goes in 'Paintings' though I suppose really it's a mixed media piece.  I like how this worked out, I shall try and use this media combo again!
Green Dragon - acrylics  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media board March 2017  Dragon! I feld like painting a serpenty dragon. So I did... Line Painters - Demonic skull  Media: Derwent 'Graphik' Line Painters on A4 Clairefontaine 'Natural' mixed media paper. Watercolour wash for background. April 2017  Another attempt with the line painters, having fun with the experimenting but the colours aren't quite as I'd have liked on this. The reds are all a bit pinky but because my idea here was to do an exercise with the Line Painters I've refrained from hitting this with acrylic ink. It doesn't show on the scan but the light lower outline is metallic silver, which works nicely in real life. Line Painters - Smilodon  Media: Derwent 'Graphik' Line Painters on A4 Clairefontaine 'Natural' mixed media paper. April 2017  'No I'm not going to buy any more art materials' she says to herself before promptly purchasing a set of 20 Derwent Line Painters.  This is my second effort with them (see 'sketchs' folder for the first). It was fun to use something that made me work differently in terms of colours and application. Made a deliberate point of not using black on this and I also wasn't really going to use much/any red but the little bit I added initially looked so out of place I had to just go with it and make it look like I'd meant to do that... : Line Painters, smilodon, Howling Into the Void  Media: Watercolour, ink, white gel pen on 8"x16" Aquafine watercolour paper.  April 2017 Bit cheesy with the sword and stuff, but I don't really care.
Too Much Ketchup  Media: Acrylic inks, acrylic paint on A3 mixed media paper. February 2017  So this isn't  quite  what I'd had in mind but I'd put too much red paint on the palette and ee by gum I wasn't going to waste it.  I may revisit this to try and execute my idea properly. : caracal, skull, animal, blood, painting The Stillness in My Heart  Media: Acrylic inks, acrylic paints, pen and ink on A3 acrylic paper.  Feb 2017 That time of year when, whilst out shopping for that special someone in my life (me) I need to remember to take a sick bag...  Whatever it is they're selling, it isn't love. : heart, valentines, teeth, blood Acrylics - blue dragon  Media: Acrylic inks, acrylic paint on A3 mixed media paper. October 2016  I bought some new paint: Process Cyan, Cobalt Chromite Green and Perylene Maroon, to be precise...  Primary cyan and indigo on the background.  The greens are more prominant in the original but you will have to take my word for that because neither my scanner no camera(s) were able to pick it up properly and I couldn't seem to get the colour balance corrected in Photoshop. Meh. : acrylic painting, acrylic, blue, dragon, cyan, purple, blue dragon Gorgonesque  Media: Acrylic inks, paint and photoshop.  Doodle that turned into a, er, well I don't know. Some gorgon type creature.  I just wanted to paint something with wings with some iridescence to the feathers, ok?
Call of the Wild  Media: Acrylic inks, acrylic paint on A3 canvas paper. October 2016  Reffed from one of my collection. Someone mentioned the words 'creative skull study' to me and this immediately popped into my little brain. Which was handy because I'd had a sketch with some trees like that in my scribble book for a while now but wasn't sure where to go with it. Quandery resolved... : wolf, skull, animal, nature, trees, blood, hunt, dead, dark, painting Opposition  Media: Acrylic inks, acrylic paint on A3 canvas paper. October 2016  That eye piece (see a few along in the gallery) remained with me after I'd painted it, asking for further elaboration.  So on a weekend I was feeling particularly antisocial I dived deep into my comfort zone and came back with this... : opposition, acrylics, fighting, dragons, red, black, circle, ink, fire, swirl, vortex, Saint Kittycat  Media: Acrylic paint, acrylic ink, Distress Ink pewter spray stain on A3 mixed media paper. October 2016  This was a lot of fun. But ribcages are hard to paint!! : acrylic painting, ink, dark, saint, prayer, green, black, anthro, cat, skeleton, skull, feline, ribcage, pray, halo Rituals  Media: acrylic ink and acrylic paints on A4 mixed media paper. October 2016  Character: Zha'dane (appears in 'Descent' over on the Daemonslayers.. but her skin should be blue-er)  Decided to challenge myself and try a proper figure in acrylic. This one kicked my arse a bit, it was hard! : witch, elf, woman, female, boobs, acrylic, ink, candles, floating candles,
Wings  Media: Acrylic paints, FW acrylic ink, red and black glitter on 10"x7" acrylic canvas paper.  Again with the eyes... I'd actually set out sketching something else and then ditched that (for later) when the idea for this struck me.  It doesn't show so well on the scan but there is glitter on here. There is also still glitter all around my work area as that stuff just won't go away! : eye, wings, ink, feathers, dragon, red, black, flow Dark Unicorn  Media: Acrylic paints, FW acrylic ink on A3 mixed media paper September 2016  I'd originally painted this because I wanted something to use glitter on but in the end didn't think this suitable for it. Next picture.... : dark, unicorn, evil, red, ink, acrylic, ribs, decayed, undead Ben Cthulhu  Media: Acrylic paint on A4 mixed media paper Sept 2016  Art society piece - my much-missed kitty Ben.  Years later and life still isn't the same without this little weirdo and his big, glowy eyes. : ben, cat, ginger, domestic, pet, pet portrait Butterfly  Media: Watercolours Sept 2016  Butterfly! Reffed from a photo I took at the Natural History Museum's butterfly exhibit a few years back. More Art Society work. : watercolor, butterfly, nature, insect
Heavy Smoker  Media: Watercolour, brush pen, on really cheap watercolour paper. July 2016 : red dragon, red, dragon, flames, fire, mane, watercolour, watercolor, evil, mean, ink, detail A Delicate Shade of Decay  Media: Watercolours, pen and ink. July2016  Hearts aren't really my thang. : heart, broken, heartbreak, decayed, decay, dead, ribs, blood, bleeding, eye, cry, crying, tears Eye Skull  Media: Watercolour, pen and ink. July 2016   Still seeking an idea in my head. This isn't quite it but I do like how it went :-) : fox, fox skull, animals, nature, crow, raven, eye, design, tattoo, dark, watercolour, markers Brooding Dragon  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper. July 2016  You have noooo idea how many times I repainted that head! I just couldn't get it looking right to me. : dragon, black, purple, blue, painting, acrylic, evil, dark, wings, smile, teeth
Homecoming  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper. July 2016  Practice piece.  Wasn't originally going to be red. Sometimes I can spend an age agonising over what colour choices I make, other times I squeeze the paint tube a bit too hard and the think to myself 'right, I'd better use this lot up, then!'. : Red, skeleton, antlers, demon, demonic, evil, dark, black, temple, homecoming As Night Falls at the Standing Stones  Media: Watercolours on 200x400mm paper. Mostly Payne's Grey, Dioxazine purple and Bismuth yellow with a little indigo and some other supporting colours. March 2016  I could have handled the background better - didn't work quick enough to get the wet in wet technique how I wanted and then lost heart a bit with it. However I love how the dragon worked out - many, many layers of paint and a teeny tiny paint brush to thank for that. : undead, dragon, dracolich, dracoliche, black, green, light, purple, mountains, stone circle, magic, night Watching You  Media: Acrylic ink and paint on 14x10 canvas paper.   Recycling elements from earlier designs here. There's an idea somewhere at the back of my mind that I can't quite seem to realize. Came up with this yesterday instead. So I guess I will keep trying and stuff like this is going to appear in my gallery from time to time... Not saying I don't like it though! While it's not what I was aiming for it worked out much better than I thought it would (I nearly scrapped this in its early stages). Maybe it's the floofy bit above the eyeball that does it but I think this is kinda cute. : eyeball, winged, feathered, dragon, wings, red, ink, acrylic, painting, feathers, black, fantasy, yellow Shade - acrylics  Media: Acrylics on canvas paper 2016 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Shade  (wereform).  Shade, in all his undeady werewolfy goodness. I'm rather pleased with this - the painting came out kind of rough but I think it lends a bit of a visceral nature to the picture which suits him in this form.  (but really, he's a nice guy when not a ravening monster!!). : werewolf, undead, dire werewolf, lycanthrope, dire, decayed, shade, daemonslayers, project, fierce, horror, acrylic, painting, OC
Knightmare  Media: Acrylics (W&N Artists' and Daler-Rowney Cryla ranges) on A4 mixed media paper Late 2015 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  "Knightmare"   Autumn 2015 I started getting back into using acrylics after several years of not working with them.  I'd done a few pictures ahead of this one but I think this one of Knightmare here marks the point where I decided I officially was back 'into' them!  Daemonslayers blurb (in case you don't quite manage to follow the links above): Blackjack's ill-tempered, (occasionally) loyal steed Knightmare. Given their frequent 'personality clashes' it seems at first surprising that these two have tolerated one another's company for as long as they have but they are in a way kindred spirits, having both lost everything that they were to demonic powers. Whilst Blackjack has regained at least some memory of his former life and can even regain his true form on occasion, for Knightmare there is no way back to his once noble unicorn self - even his true name is lost to him. All that is left is a twisted, hateful creature that delights in harm and spite though his overriding hatred for demonkind surpasses his ill will towards other beings. Despite the common goal, Knightmare has been known to turn on those around him, including his master. Luckily for Blackjack the worst he's suffered during one of these 'episodes' is a few broken ribs but he always has to keep half an eye on the beast. : knightmare, dire unicorn, unicorn, dragon, hybrid, mix, magic, blood, horse, winged, pegasus, alicorn, dark pegasus, galloping, full body, OC daemonslayers, tymaera Perylene Dragon  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper. Mainly quinacridone orange, perylene green and titanium white, with a bit of alizarin crimson and lemon yellow.  Behold the heart of the fiery vortex. I got a bit frustrated on this (lets not mention the forelimbs, I got very cross with them) because really I needed to have worked on a bigger canvas so this isn't quite the painting I feel it could have been. I guess though that's a good excuse for me to try again sometime on something bigger :D : dragon. perylene green, orange, red, dark, black, fierce, storm, fire, firestorm, acrylic, painting Awakenings  Media: Acrylics - Pyrrole red, paynes grey, titanium white on 11x7" acrylic paper. Early 2016 Print: available through my  Redbubble    A little self indulgence from a rainy Saturday a couple of weeks back. This - quite frankly rather dinosaurish - dragon is having trouble with its (eternal) slumber... : dragon skull, dragon, skull, saurian, dinosaur, red, black, acrylic, painting, horned, trex, tyrannosaur Watercolour - Skeletal Dragon  Media: Watercolour, pen and ink on 6x8" hot press watercolour paper May 2015  Watercolours (even managed to keep away from the black for this one). Little bit of Photoshop to tidy up the borders.  I don't really have a story for this, I just wanted to practice my skeletons a bit. The ribcages I find especially tricky. : dragon, skeletal dragon, skeleton dragon, skeleton, skeletal, undead, zombie, dracoliche, dracolich, flying, wings, mountains, watercolour, watercolor, painting<br>
The Mist of Demhe  Media: Watercolours, pen and ink, Distress ink on A3 mixed media paper. Characters: Alexander Moravsky a.k.a. Reynard belongs to  Verres   and  Blackjack  of  The Daemonslayers (mine!)  My part of a trade with Verres where he asked for his character Reynard (the fox there) fighting some eldritch horror alongside Blackjack. My kinda theme :D Some form of blood daemon or elemental, I feel. I'm sure they'll manage to hack their way out sooner or later anyway. : fox, dragon, wolf, hybrid, fight, battle, blood, elemental, trade, commission, watercolours, full body, OC, original characters, Cold Fire Daemon  Media: Watercolour, ink, pencil crayon, goache on 6x8" hot pressed watercolour paper.  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"   So cold it's hot!  More Daemonslayers beasties: These creatures come from the colder depths of the hellish realms where all is frozen in eternal torment. They can only enter the material world through portals or if summoned and cannot remain for long without being sustained by magical talismans or by sacrifices and the endeavours of the dark magic user that brought then forth for their own nefarious purposes. : cold, fire, demon, daemon, antlers, skeleton, black, blue fire, blue, flames, white, magic, anthro, daemonslayers, tymaera Snakes 'n' Roses  Media: Watercolour, Distress ink. Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  A jungle carpet python purely because I think they're beautiful. With roses. I spent ages agonising over whether they should be red or white. Still think it could have gone either way. : Snake, python, carpet python, roses, flowers, tattoo, entwined, watercolour, painting, animals, animal, nature No Angel of Mercy  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper - Quinacridone orange, perylene green, titanium white. Late 2015 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   Further attempts to re-familiarise myself with acrylic paints after a long period without using them. Was making a point of not using black which seemed to come off quite well here - I think the green and orange make a dramatic combination here. : blackjack, cursed, black, dragon, daemonslayers, wings, membranes, warrior, axe, atmospheric, acrylic, painting, OC, Characters,
Jasper  Media: Acrylics - quinacridone deep purple, perm. yellow, indanthrene blue and titanium white.  ~2.5hours.  Pet portrait time!  My much-missed kitty Jasper.  He was about 19 when I took the photo I reffed for this. Lived to ~21 so not bad for a kitty but I still miss the venerable old man :-( : jasper, domestic cat, cat, feline, pet portrait, housecat, tuxedo, black, white, painting, face, black and white, acrylic Crow Castle  Media: Watercolour on cold press watercolour paper.  Dinas Bran (basically translates as 'crow castle), Llangollen.  One of my favourite places.   Took this photo on a shockingly bright and sunny day for North Wales. Usually the place looks like Mordor when viewed across the Dee estuary from over on the Wirral where I grew up.  2.5 hour watercolour painting done at my local art society. : watercolour, castle, ruin, dinas bran, north wales, wales, welsh, painting, study, art society, scenery, nature Scent of Spring  Media: brush pen, watercolours April 2016  "Scent of Spring"  Ink and watercolours. Quick sketch. : Spring, dragon, demon, flightless, full body Winter Wolves  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper late 2015 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Species: The Morvarg  More beasties from Tymaera. A couple of the Morvarg ^^ Pity whoever they're hunting... Slight mistake: technically their aura should be greeny-yellow. Not red, anyway. But I painted this Christmas Eve and red was more seasonal so a little artistic license there :)  Blurb: I present to you the Morvarg. Supernatural wolves of the spirit world: they patrol its shadowy borders, hunting down anything that tries to make it back to the land of the living. They may also act as guards and/or guides to select souls passing through to the afterworlds, which the spirit world is the gateway to. Occasionally they come to the mortal plane to drag away unfortunates whose time is deemed to have come and those who attempt to cheat death. Their bite causes lycanthropy so anyone bitten by one and not dragged off to their realm is doomed to die and rise again as a dire (undead) werewolf. The Morvarg are not truly undead themselves as they were never alive in the first place.  Generally they appear at first glance as large, black wolves with glowing green or red eyes, sometimes with a glowing aura like flames that never burn their host. Very occasionally one may be white. This appearance can change, with their skeleton seeming to show through as a pattern in their fur and, if really riled up, any resemblance to a living creature will vanish and what remains will be a very angry skeleton surrounded by smoke, burning inside with in inner balefire light that sears the soul. They are almost always accompanied by unnatural crows which are an extension of their being, scouting afar for them. : wolves, wolf, dire wolves, morvarg, undead, hunters, black, red, forest, aura, full moon, full body, painting, acrylic, animals, monsters
Fiery Black Dragon  Media: Watercolour, pen and ink. 2009  Painted a while ago but I'm still very happy with this one. : black, dragon, watercolor, red, fire, full body, Trade Wolven Moon  Media: acrylics on A3 mixed media paper. Background added in Photoshop. Early 2016   Werewolves from different worlds meet beneath the full moon. What happens next who knows...  My part of a second trade with Verres where he'd asked for something with his werewolf Semyaza and my dire werewolf Shade ( The Daemonslayers ) under the moon. Thought I'd have a crack at this with acrylics (on A3 mixed media paper) to push myself to do something a little more ambitious then added the paper texture in Photoshop after to give it a more storylike feel. If that's a thing.  Shem (the werewolf on the left) belongs to  Verres . : werewolf, werewolves, meeting, full moon, full body, illustration, painting, characters, OC, original, undead, anthro, night, trade Skull Studies - Caracal 4  Media: Acrylic paint on acrylic canvas paper. 2013 Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  Getting still more mileage out of that caracal! This time in pyrrole red and indathrene blue on canvas paper. Again, mauled by my scanner. Once I've moved and have the space I am SO going to invest in a 6-colour scanner. : Skull, study, acrylic, painting, animal, nature, caracal, big cat, south african lynx, red, pyrrole, indigo, dorsal Skull Studies - Caracal 3  Media: Acrylic paint on acrylic canvas paper. 2013 Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  I'm getting a lot of mileage out of this here (replica) caracal skull. So not happy with this scan though - you'll have to take my word for the fact the original is a beautiful deep phthalo turquoise.. which I have now discovered does not scan well and is basically impossible to colour correct to :-( boo. : Skull, study, acrylic, painting, animal, nature, caracal, big cat, south african lynx, turquoise, side
Skull Studies - Caracal 2  Media: Acrylic paint on acrylic canvas paper. 2013 Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  Caracal again (got a replica sent up from South Africa after a small mix up with their customs where they refused to let it leave the country because they thought it was real. Durr. Nice though it is, it's rather obviously a cast replica). Anyway, quite happy with this one though the canines are squiffy. Really liking this canvas paper... expect more paintings on it ^^ : Skull, study, acrylic, painting, animal, nature, caracal, big cat, south african lynx, yellow, orange, 3/4 view Skull Studies - Caracal  1  Media: Acrylic paint on acrylic canvas paper. 2013 Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  Acrylics. Quick study of a caracal ('South African Lynx') skull. Not perfect but it'll do. : Skull, study, acrylic, painting, animal, nature, caracal, big cat, south african lynx, green, eye socket, eye Skull Studies - Caracal 5  Media: Acrylic paint on acrylic canvas paper. 2013 Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.   Indathrene blue, white and payne's grey with a little violet. : Skull, study, acrylic, painting, animal, nature, caracal, big cat, south african lynx, front, indathrene blue, blue, Let Sleeping Dragons Lie  Media: Watercolours Early 2015  Best just to let this chap carry on having a doze, I think. : dragon, green dragon, sleeping, green, watercolour, illustration, mountains, sky,painting,
Teeth  Media: Acrylics on stretched canvas  Acrylics on canvas I bought myself some alizarin crimson and a tube of indigo from Daler-Rowney's 'Cryla' range. Decided to do a painting using just the new colours (plus white, of course) but somehow didn't think through to the fact it would end up pink. Durr. Pink's not usually my colour but on this occassion I warmed to it :)  Normally I'm a Winsor&Newton girl but the caps on their acrylics are an absolute nightmare for anyone with carpal tunnel or tendonitis of the thumb (or, in my case, both!) so I buy DR paints instead as they've nice big caps that are easy to get a grip on.  Initially this was purely for the pleasure of shuffling some paint round a canvas until I got to those damned teeth. I spent longer on them than the rest of the painting all together! I find the perspective there really hard. : fox skull, fox, skull, dead, animals, nature, crimson, indigo, acrylic, painting Son of the North  Media: Watercolours  Watercolour painting from October 2013. This was a birthday gift for a good friend of mine (and if anyone knows their underground black metal well enough they might know him as Woundz from Skaldic Curse). We used to house share years ago and I said one day I'd paint him a wolf. And so, better late than never, I did :-) : wolf, wolfpack, white, black, grey, wolves, heads, viking, vikings, norse, animals, nature, watercolour, watercolor, painting, Cats Eyes  Media: Watercolours, Distress ink Progress images:  walk through    The skull is a domestic cat, though the eye sockets really should be larger.  This hasn't scanned terribly well as apparently my scanner does not enjoy rough textured watercolour paper. A gift for a friend. There's meaning in it but I'm not sharing here. : cat, domestic cat, skull, animal, nature, feline, wings, tattoo, eyes, cats eyes, watercolour, watercolor, painting, colour Tarquin  Media: Acrylics on small stretched canvas Print: available through my  Redbubble   Reffed from one of my skull collection (coyote).  Dunno why I called him Tarquin, just seemed to suit. : coyote, skull, coyote skull, animals, nature, red , black, acrylic, painting, eyeball,
Skull study  Media: Acrylics on card.  Reffed from a (goat, I think) replica skull from my collection. : goat skull, sheep, skull, study, animal, nature, black and white, acrylics ember  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper - pyrrole red, perylene green and titanium white. 2015 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Ember (appears in  Heritage. )  I hadn't drawn Ember for a long time so thought I'd do a quick(ish) painting of him. : Ember, black dragon, red, wings, black, evil, mean, OC, characters, daemonslayers, Capo Rosso  Media: Acrylics on A3 mixed media paper Late 2015  Christmas present for my Dad.  Which I forgot to photograph before framing so do excuse the reflections and slight angle - that'll be my poor camera work. : race horse, capo rosso, portrait, horse, animal, bridle, acrylic, painting Sombre Castle  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper  This started as a bit of landscape practice using a photo I'd taken of the castle Peyrepertuse in the south of France.  But I set to with entirely the wrong colours so this mostly consists of me winging it. : sombre, castle, peyrepertuse, scenery, painting, acrylic, mountains, forest, stormy sky
Deer Skull  Media: Acrylics on 11x7 canvas paper  Fallow deer maybe? Not sure. Referenced this from a bookend, of all things. Colour test to see how red oxide, turquoise and buff titanium get along. Better than I'd initially thought, as it happens. : deer skull, deer, antlers, study, animal, nature, painting, acrylic, Trade - Wrath  Media: W&N watercolours, ink and just a little white gel pen on 3.9x9.8" cold pressed Arches watercolour paper.   Long, long, loooong overdue half of a trade with Chocolatechilla over on dA of their beastie Wrath.  I really like this guy's design - those black shadows are a part of him and we all know how much I like black ^^ Character copyright to:  Chocolatechilla . : art trade, trade, wrath, monster, beast, watercolour, chocolatechilla Midnight Stallion  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper. Indanthrene blue, perylene violet and titanium white.  2.5hour speedpaint on A4 mixed media paper - that's about as speedy as my paintings get - done at art society.    Referenced from this lovely photo here:  "Freisian galloping". : horse, galloping, midnight, blue, animals, nature, full body, acrylic, painting, The Colchian Dragon  Media: Water-mixable oil paint on canvas board (paynes grey, titanium white) 2010  This took forever. I'm not sure I'm cut out to work with oil paints - I seem to lack the necessary patience.  I loved mythology when I was little (still do), especially, unsurprisingly, the ones involving dragons and one of my favourite books was an illustrated WHSmith own-brand book called 'Myths and Legends'. Anyway... here's the Colchian Dragon who, ever wakeful, guarded the golden fleece. : colchian, dragon, myths, greek mythology, golden fleece, oil painting, paynes grey, illustration,
Rarr  Media: Water-mixable oils on stretched canvas. Approx 8"x24" 2011  I fear I never quite managed to come up with a decent title for this one. Spent a few months on it, working on and off waiting for it to dry! Whilst oils are lovely to work with, they're not for the impatient... : Rarr, dragon, portrait, fire, purple, membranes, spikes, detailed, oil painting, oils, full colour In the Shape of a Heart  Media: Winsor&Newton Artists watercolour, Dr PH Martins' Bombay black indian ink on The Langton cold pressed 10x7in watercolour paper. 2011  ... and now for something completely different. At the risk of my hard woman of metal persona, I'll admit that I do enjoy a bit of Jackson Browne (hey, I was basically brought up on my Dad's music collection, which consisted of ZZTop, Eagles, Jackson Browne and Dire Straits). 'In the Shape of a Heart' was always one of my favourites:  "You keep it up You try so hard To keep a life from coming apart And never know What breaches and faults are concealed In the shape of a heart" : heart, emo, skull, roses, black ink, watercolor, watercolour In the Vortex  Media: Acrylics on 17cm x 24.6cm(approx) card. 2013  Progression:  painting progress. : vortex, crimson, indigo, dragon, pink, purple, flying, wing membranes, acrylic painting Alps  Media: Watercolours Summer 2013  Had the pleasure of visiting Provence and in one of the places I stayed I had a couple of watercolour lessons from a pro. I think they really helped me as before then I'd basically found my way with them through trial and error.  Did this to try out what I'd learned. It was about 34oC the afternoon there when I painted this so the theme of something cold and snowy was very appealing! : Alps, mountain, scenery, watercolor, watercolour
Murky Dragon  Media: Watercolour, pen and ink. Summer 2013  Painted on the same holiday as the 'Alps' painting. Again testing out the benefits of having a watercolour tutorial from a professional :) : Magic, dragon, green, green dragon, serpent, watercolor, painting, Green Dragon  Media: Watercolour markers on 4x6" watercolour paper postcard Spring 2014  I rarely like to redraw my work but in the case of this one I had to - I made some horrific colour choices on the first version because I didn't know quite how the watercolour markers would behave (and they didn't behave how I'd hoped!) so had to start from scratch. : green dragon, dragon, green, watercolour, markers, Soul - acrylics  Media: Acrylics on canvas paper 2016 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Soul  (wereform).  Having painted Shade, thought I would go ahead and paint Soul to go with him.  Trying out cobalt green, which isn't a colour I've used before. I was a bit unsure at first and thought I may have made a horrible mistake with my colour choices but actually it kind of works (IMHO). : werewolf, female, cobalt green, acrylic, painting, daemonslayers, OC Watercolour Dracoliche  Media: Watercolour, pen and ink.  More of the undead. : watercolour, dragon, dracolich, dracoliche, undead, zombie, swamp, evil, dark, watercolor, water, pen and ink,
Fade  Media: Indian ink, Dr PH Martins Hydrus Fine Art watercolour (carbon black) and radiant concentrated watercolour (sunset red). "Fade" My Grandad had passed away and I drew this while working through my feelings. 95 is a grand age to reach and he lived a full life that should be celebrated. I was ok but feeling pensive and felt the need to draw but didn't want to do anything too involved so opted for Random Dragon Time. : black, dragon, fade, flying, watercolour, ink, PH martin, yellow, flame Job Satisfaction  Media: Pen and ink, watercolour Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   Job satisfaction. : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, demon, daemon, dead, kill, axe, unbinder, watercolor, watercolour, painting, victory, Flaming Skulls - Corsican Ram  Media: Watercolour. Glow and black background in Photoshop. Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.   Corsican ram. : skull, flames, ram, goat, sheep, male, horned, horns, watercolour, animal, nature, red, fire, burning, watercolor, Flaming Skulls - Smilodon  Media: Watercolour. Glow and black background in Photoshop. Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  Smilodon : skull, flames, sabre toothed tiger, fangs, dinosaur, prehistoric, smilodon, cat, animal, nature, green, fire, tattoo
Flaming Skulls - Wolf  Media: Watercolour. Glow and black background in Photoshop. Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  Wolf : skull, flames, wolf, front, fire, red, orange, tattoo, animal, nature, Flaming Skulls - Lion  Media: Watercolour. Glow and black background in Photoshop. Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  Lion : skull, lion, flames, animal, tattoo, animal, nature, top view, dorsal, blue, watercolor, watercolour, water,  Flaming Skulls - Ox  Media: Watercolour. Glow and black background in Photoshop. Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  Ox : skull, ox, flames, animal, tattoo, animal, nature, top view, dorsal, cattle, cow, horns, purple, Flaming Skulls - Horse  Media: Watercolour. Glow and black background in Photoshop.  Horse. Horses have weird-looking skulls. : skull, horse, flames, animal, tattoo, animal, nature, top view, dorsal, watercolor,
Flaming Skulls - Warthog  Media: Watercolour. Glow and black background in Photoshop.  Warthog. : skull, warthog, flames, animal, tattoo, animal, nature, top view, dorsal, pig, fire, blue, watercolor, watercolour,