Other Media

Things that don't belong in any other folder.
Cat Skull Tattoo  Studio:  Michael Rose Arts , Potters Bar Artist:  Richard Barclay   Kitty Skull!  My third tattoo. Located on inner left bicep.  Really stung!  Rick did an amazing job taking my artwork and putting it on my arm. : cat, skull, tattoo, animal, nature, photo, purple, black, me, skin, inked illumination anotherfinemess  Pen and ink on bristol board. I've put this in the 'other media' folder because illuminated letters don't quite feel like my usual drawings. Bismuth  Same lump of bismuth, different angle.  SUCH a photogenic transition metal!! :D : bismuth, mineral, stone, metal, photo More Bismuth  Treated myself to a sample of bismuth.  It's an artificially-grown crystal or otherwise impurities wouldn't allow the element to show in all its funky geometric goodness!  Look at it!  How cool is this? :) : bismuth, mineral, stone, metal, photo
before after  You may recognised this as my watermark... it's ~15 years old now and, given the abuse the poor thing suffered when I got it done originally (yep, someone did pretty much all the things you're not supposed to do with fresh ink) it has been looking like it needed some love compared to my others.  I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly, just an update that would keep the feel of the original so I handed the creative reigns over to Sin at Savannah Ink... who did me proud (again!) :) Zakk and me  Gosh, how did that get in there?   A very drunk me at the Crowbar in Soho (I swear my face doesn't normally look like that!).  With, oh who might that be? Oh yeah. ZAKK WYLDE!!!!! Nice guy, sat with us for a drink. : zakk wylde, me, dantec advert  Advert commissioned for use in trade magazines. : professional, work, dragon tattoo  Studio:  Evil from the Needle , Camden Artist:  Jeff Ortega   My second tattoo. 2003, I believe. The tail curves right around under my arm, which at the time I thought was really painful. Of course, given the positioning of my next two, this one felt like being brushed with a daisy in comparison. : dragon, tattoo, me, skin, inked, dracoliche, undead
Mugs of Doom - Red Dragons  Media: digitally printed mug  sold out Mugs of Doom - winged skull  Media: digitally printed mug  sold out Mugs of Doom - Necrodragon  Media: digitally printed mug  sold out Mugs of Doom - Squirmy  Media: digitally printed mug  sold out