Still Alive

Vibrant reds, shining gold and a dynamic aspect bring this caracal skull back to life.
Still Alive : skull, skullart, animal, cat Still Alive - further images 01  Progress image. Before the final gold was added. Also shows the textures which got leveled by the resin. Still Alive - further images 02  Slight top-down angle, trying to catch the textures with my camera. The hues of the reds is almots impossible to capture though - photos show only a shadow of the original. Still Alive - further images 03  Glazing resin applied! Turned to one side here you can see the surface is much smoother. There's few some bumps for character to stop it from looking sterile, but the sense of depth is greatly enhanced.
Still Alive - further images 04  With a pencil, just for size reference. Still Alive - further images 05  Mostly done here - just the top level of gold to apply and then the resin.  Camera struggles with the reds and the contrast comes out too high. Lowering the contrast doesn't seem to help so I've left as-is.