Digital Art

Tools of choice: Currently I am on a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Photoshop CC.
I suffer carpal tunnel, tendonitis and De Quervain's tendonitis in my thumb so alas I don't work in digital as much as I'd like these days.
Brimstone  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Brimstone 2014  More Daemonslayers art.  And there's a long world-building type description for him..   The red dragon Fiero, better known as Brimstone. Of the Seven he was second in age and size only to the ancient, monstrous sea dragon Maelstrom (one of the last Orphic-Exalted still living on the material plane). As Tymaeran dragons age, so their physical forms may change and evolve to match their temperament and nature. By the start of the Dragon War, Fiero was classed already as an Elder Dragon and had reached a point where parts of him constantly burned like living embers, wreathing him in smoke and flame. His home south of the Dragon Mountains had become a barren, ashen waste under its master's influence. He generally considered the antics and intrigues of younger dragons getting involved with 'lesser' races to be beneath him, something for juveniles, but he had to acknowledge the steady eradication of his species and decided to align with the other dragons to put a decisive end to it.  The Old Empire didn't fall without a fight however and in a final, daring act of defiance a cadre of wizards made a last-ditch effort to fight the Seven by giving their lives to create a spell powerful enough to doom their assumed leader, Brimstone. The dragon still lives but is frozen, ensnared in a tomb of enchanted obsidian hidden deep in the heart of the Dragon Mountains. Through their individual networks of spies and collaborators, the green dragon Witchblight and black Bloodbane had both gotten wind of this plan and could have stopped it but the Empire was already doomed. Witchblight had no love for the arrogant red, envying his power and Bloodbane had his designs set on the fallen imperial throne and thought Brimstone might endanger his plans so neither lifted a talon to help. In the long run this turned out to be a bad move as the region that once formed Brimstone's vast territory is now home to the legions of demons who broke through the Dreaming Gate. So, whoops, someone really dropped the ball on that one. : brimstone, fire, dragon, male, red, flames, heat, full body, digital, photoshop, tymaera, daemonslayers, OC, characters witchlight dragon   "Witchlights"   Procreate app, ipad.     "One by one the fires of the distant watchtowers fell dark and we knew, the passage through the mountains was lost to us" 1023candledragon  Candle Dragon. 2017.  Pencils and Photoshop. Lost previously when my old hard disk died. Steel Wolf  March '21 Digital Reworked the colours on 'Firedog' because I thought the original was a bit boring. Tried to be a bit braver and bolder to get that smelting steel look to the wolf skull here.
Cloud cover   "Cloud Cover"   March 2021   Procreate, iPad pro     Green dragon, just catching the light as it emerges from the clouds.     I need to work on something other than skies and vague mountains in my backgrounds... heavy ink dragon   "Heavy Dragon"   March 2021     Inks are over in the 'Pen and Ink' section. I very much enjoy the art of Godmachine and, not that I could hope to be as skilled, found my colouring here a bit on the 'inspired by' side so figured I'd just go with it, embrace it and go for the pink =) red dragon 0321   Red Dragon   March 2021   Procreate, iPad     Titles fail me, as usual.  The original inks have been hanging about in one of my sketchbooks for a year or so now, finally hit it with some colour for practice. Primal Fears  Primal Fears Jan 2021 Procreate. Just scribbling away and this came out. Had a lot of fun playing with the textures.
Horn-Crowned Dragon   Burning Skies     You'll see the initial piece for this over in the 'Paintings' section. Frustrated by the lack of space on my canvas I took a photo of the original then reworked the whole thing on the iPad (I'm enjoying the flexibility of this bit of kit!).  Firedog   Firedog   Doodling on the iPad.  Nightfyre dragon  That feeling when the night is on fire.  Autumn 2020. Still getting to grips with the iPad... Ashes and Dust  Ashes and Dust Late 2020. Was off the iPad for a while but came back to try again late 2020.  Started to feel like I was getting somewhere.
Blood Phoenix  Phoenix of Blood Spring 2020 Getting a bit more confident with the iPad. Still didn't feel comfortable using it though when I did this piece. Steam Bath   Spring 2020   Just a dragon enjoying a hot bath. Because who doesn't?  (me. I only have a walk-in shower)     During the first UK lockdown I decided it was time to get an iPad... for 'mobile' art I have an MS Surface(pro? can't remember... the fancy one, anyway) which runs photoshop. The touch screen is great but I find it too heavy and cumbersome and it gets really warm. And Spring 2020 was super warm and sunny.  So yeah, having oogled a buddy's iPad Pro I took the plunge and was pleasantly surprised.   This is an early piece trying to get grips with Procreate. I still like to import stuff back to my Big Computer (the desktop monolith) for finishing but the iPad definitely has promise. The Dragons Backbone  The Dragon's Backbone. Paintmarkers, plus photoshop. Putting this in digital because that's what finishes the image. Green Dragon  Another piece that's a hybrid somewhere between paint marker and digital.  Just some fun with more undeady goodness.
Guardian  Pen and ink, coloured in Photoshop. March2018  Alas working on this was a painful reminder of why I can't use digital colour much any more =( My carpal tunnel, tendonitis and the rest of those issues is better controlled these days but not gone. Nightmares  Ink and digital. November 2017 Fire Dragon (coloured)  Nov 2017  See 'Pen and Ink' gallery for original lines.  I hadn't really meant to get this coloured but I guess it's good to keep my hand in with the old Photoshop =) Cave Dragon  Biro, Photoshop August 2017  First digital piece months. And months. Not deliberately neglecting my Wacom, s'just I've been busy enjoying myself with traditional media ^^
Witchlights  Media: pen and ink sketch shaded with markers, coloured in Photoshop  Just having some fun here. : anthro, cat. skeleton, bones, ribcage, magic, fire, floating candles Regal Dragon  Media: Photoshop over brush pen inks. 2015 Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  I'm really quite proud of how this worked out. And once again I'm reminded black is my favourite colour (that's not supposed to be an oxymoron, I genuinely find it's the most pleasing to work with). If you like this and fancy supporting me a bit, it's for sale in various forms on my Redbubble and Zazzle stores :) : black, dragon, black dragon, head, portrait, bust, game of thrones, regal, dark, evil, detailed, scales, spikes, crested, digital, painting Manifestation  Media: Digital enhancement, acrylic inks on A3 canvas paper. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Shade  and Raven  Daemonslayers art: I took a panel from the Wolf and Raven comic which I liked but thought could be better, and then reworked it.  This is all acrylic inks but I've put it in the digital section because the glow added in Photoshop really makes it. All Kitties Go To Heaven  They do: look, halo and everything.
Commission - Scrion  Commission for  Scrion  over on FA. August/September 2016  I was asked to do a demonic version of Scrion's fursona... how could I say no? This was fun. : scrion, commission, anthro, furry, demonic, ibex, floating candles, candles, evil, dark, demon Hoody  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack  June2016  I might have accidentally tripped and fallen and bought myself an MS Surface Pro 4.  I wanted to get mobile with my digital art and also wanted something that would run Photoshop.  This is my first effort using it...  It's really not bad to work with. My Cintiq is still better but then that's tethered to my Big PC which is slightly less easy to lump about if I want to sit on the sofa and draw ..Lol. BUT it is buggy. Given the price Microsoft do need to go have a word with themselves... : Hoody, blackjack, daemonslayers, demon slayers, warrior, dragon, wolf, hybrid bloodymurder1  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Species: The Morvarg  Entitled 'Bloody Murder'. I realise it looks more like a raven but 'Bloody Unkindness' doesn't quite have the same ring...  And blurbage: I present to you the Morvarg.   Supernatural wolves of the spirit world: they patrol its shadowy borders, hunting down anything that tries to make it back to the land of the living. They may also act as guards and/or guides to select souls passing through to the afterworlds, which the spirit world is the gateway to. Occasionally they come to the mortal plane to drag away unfortunates whose time is deemed to have come and those who attempt to cheat death. Their bite causes lycanthropy so anyone bitten by one and not dragged off to their realm is doomed to die and rise again as a dire (undead) werewolf. The Morvarg are not truly undead themselves as they were never alive in the first place.  Generally they appear at first glance as large, black wolves with glowing green or red eyes, sometimes with a glowing aura like flames that never burn their host. Very occasionally one may be white. This appearance can change, with their skeleton seeming to show through as a pattern in their fur and, if really riled up, any resemblance to a living creature will vanish and what remains will be a very angry skeleton surrounded by smoke, burning inside with in inner balefire light that sears the soul. They are almost always accompanied by unnatural crows which are an extension of their being, scouting afar for them.   paper texture by : Bloody, murder, crows, ravens, wolves, dired, dark, morvarg, skull, face, markings, undead, fangs, snarl, teeth, tattoo, daemonslayers, original species, wolf pack, wolfpack In the Dead Woods  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   So, Blackjack here finds himself having to play the altruist to get one of his companions out of a bind (already guaranteed to put him in a rotten mood).  This involves the collection of some awkward-to-gather spell ingredients for the Daemonslayers' ally the socially inepty alchemist Spur (who is useless at hands-on violence, confrontation, or pretty much anything that involves setting foot outside of his study) in order to break a curse.  One such ingredient is the eye of a still-living sarnwog - a particularly unpleasant swamp-dwelling amphibian somewhere between a crocodile, frog and gulper eel. Eye of Newt would have been too easy, it seems. : blackjack, daemonslayers, project, oc, tymaera, battle, fight, monsters, sarnwog, axe, unbinder, swamp, scene, trees, water, mist, fog,
the dragons rock  Media: Digital painting over hand-drawn lineart.  It's his rock and no, you can't sit there. : dragon, rock, possessive, fierce, guarding, guardian, moon, black, dark, night, mountains, mist, full body, digital, painting Walking Blight  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Race: Walking Blight (daemon)  This is one of those pictures that started as a super quick sketch where I was like 'yeah, let's do a quick speedpaint in Photoshop for practice'. And then 6 hours later it turned out not to be quite so speedy after all... Quite happy with the end result though.    The Walking Blight: A spirit of decay that makes crops fail, spreads disease amongst livestock and happily eviscerates any sentient being it might encounter. They possess enough reason to understand and enjoy the misery they bring and also like to clothe themselves in bright colours if they can get their claws on the cloth, that is. Some rural communities, at great expense to themselves but better than losing their harvest, make offerings of silks and dyed fabrics for the beasts to leave their land alone. Sometimes this works but the Blight's aura of decay quickly ruins the clothes, fading the colours and breaking down the fibres into meer tatters so soon they want more. : undead, demon, skeletal, skeleton, black, dark, inner light, orange, fire, light, ribcage, decayed, monster, evil, gothic, horror, daemon, daemonslayers, OC, characters, species, original lunch  Media: Digital colouring, pen and ink lineart.  That's not a friendly smile. That's a smile that says 'I want to hug you with my stomach lining...' : black, dragon, head, portrait, hungry, red, glowing, eyes, evil, dark thoughts, smoke, face, close up, teeth, digital, The Twilight Dragon  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Saranath Prints: Available on  Photoshop over pen and ink lineart. I'm sure I spent as long fiddling with layer settings as I did colouring and rendering this!   Known better as Twilight Shadow, or just Twilight, Saranath is a big, mean dragon who terrorises a remote part of the Northern Reaches despite the populace's best efforts to dispose of her. She likes treasure and visitors, provided she can have the latter for dinner. She gets on surprisingly well with other dragons (unusual given most dragons are solitary) probably because large, dangerous dragons are few and far between so far into the Empire.  Having seen what happened to many of her unfortunate kin within the Empire during the dark days leading up to the Dragon Wars Saranath, unless challenged, will not show hostility to other dragons. If necessary, she will even go out of her way to help them. Provided she's in a good mood, she'll extend this lack of hostility to dragonkin and dragonthralls (individuals magically bound for whatever reason to the service of one dragon), but not so much those known as dragonfriend, since there are no bonds forcing such people to remain loyal to a dragon and she has seen that loyalty betrayed. With these exceptions aside, Saranath's hatred for humans, elves and those who fought against dragons alongside them has remained unabated throughout the centuries.  To survive so long, so deep within the Empire (the Northern Reaches are only a few hundred miles from the capital, Fortune City), Saranath is a canny beast. She moves around a lot, always taking care to raid settlements far from her lair, keeping the pattern of attacks random. She knows some magic and takes care to steer well clear of wizards. The reason for her name, besides her dusky colour, is that the runes engraved on her wings are activated by daylight to cast an aura of invisibility about her. A slight imperfection with the spell means the gentle glow of her runes can be seen, but it's difficult to spot unless you know what you're looking for. Only as the suns set will she become visible. The spell is permanent, so she can't chose to become visible during the day (unless she's in a cave or some such, since obviously sunlight won't reach there!).    ****************** (this here excerpt is a rough draft, hence the present tense and poorly formed well, everything. - the story's a work in progress since it occurs after the epic (as in stupidly long) I'm writing at the moment).   They are confronted with a large dragon, perhaps 50ft long, filling the cave. Its scales are a deep slate, shining purple where light hits. A row of spines start at its head and run down its back, getting larger at the shoulders. Smaller spikes run in dual lines along its flanks. Along its neck they are joined by membranes, the same light grey-green as the underside of the wings. The glowing runes on the wings, fading now in the darkness, are striking. Blackjack stares at them, mind working fast and a name swims into his consciousness. The dragon, pale glowing eyes narrowed, is drawing breath, yellow energies of dracofire crackling about its jaws, Black jumps protectively in front of Shade and Soul and yells out in a language they cannot understand; Ancient Draconic, "Hold! I do not challenge you, Saranath."  The dragon cuts its breath short, letting the power leach out gently rather than in lethal, exploding fire. Clearly taken aback by this dragonkin speaking a language known only to true dragons. Not to mention it knowing its name, "Who are you to speak my name, Dragonkin?" it snarled, the tone of voice revealing this dragon to be female.  Blackjack stares her in the eyes, this is no time for deference, Saranath is now achingly familiar and he takes a gamble "Look me in the eyes, and call me dragonkin again." he hisses. Their gaze holds. Suddenly recognition and surprise bloom in Saranath's eyes and the fires of rage die, "Bloodbane?" she gasps, incredulous, "I heard you were-"  Blackjack cuts her off, "Gone? Yes, for a while." he elected not to speak of his curse, knowing the danger of showing any indication of weakness to another dragon, "The Empire does not know I'm back.. this form lets me keep it that way. For now." At last he put his finger on the dragon's usename, Twilight Shadow, and with it a flood of memories, hazy but recognisable as the fall of the Old Empire. This was one of the dragons that helped bring the Old Empire down in flames, allowing Bloodbane to rise up and proclaim himself ruler, for as long as it still amused him. The dragon seemed satisfied by this - it was not unusual for dragons to adopt different forms, sometimes for extended periods of time, to suit their purposes. However her gaze fell upon the two werewolves and became distinctly less friendly, "Why are you with these mongrels? They are not your thralls."  Shade and Soul have so far understood none of the conversation, all conducted in dragon tongue. The relief at the dragon's apparent calming as Blackjack continued to speak to it was shortlived, for the beast turned to them and its threatening tone returned.  "They are under my protection." Blackjack growled, meeting the other dragon's gaze aggressively.  Saranath was quiet a while, apparently considering this. Finally she shook her head and looked away, "Your affairs are your own. Your werewolves are not welcome but I will not harm them." The last sentence was spoken in Common Tongue for Shade and Soul's benefit. : saranath, twilight, dragon, dragoness, female, full body, sunset, photoshop, digital, daemonslayers, OC,
Dragon Attack  Media: Lines and shading in ink and Tria markers (greyscale). Colour and background in Photoshop. Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts. : dragon, attack, attacking, claws, talons, out, below, view, belly, cloud, book, magic, fantasy, digital, photoshop, colour, full body, green, red, brown From the Raging Storm  Media: Photoshop digital painting, lightning photograph (by me!), rain brushes by  ObscureLilium . Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Orth 'Vortex' 2014 Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  Third of a series of seven (still in progress - the fact I'm not really working digitally at the mo' isn't helping with making this happen but I'll get there. Eventually. Probably). ------------------  Orth, the great blue dragon of the Stormdrake Pass. He's of a similar age to Bloodbane, though considerably smaller at about 350ft when shifted to full size. His common name is 'Vortex', earned by his tendency to cause the skies to rage and bring forth tornadoes when he attacks. He's perfectly capable of spitting lightning but prefers to have the weather do the work for him, battering and weakening his enemies before he swoops from the torrid skies for the kill.  Fortunately this doesn't happen often. On the whole Orth is laid back, patient and more interested in the study of magic and other races than wanton destruction. Orth's curiosity does not equate to sympathy however and when Bloodbane and the green dragoness Witchblight chose to attack the human-dominated Empire, he sensed a turning point looming where perhaps the steady eradication of their kind could be halted. So he was more than willing to assist in defence of his species, becoming the third of the Seven. After the War of the Seven ended he retired back to his mountain home. It is assumed he resides there still, but Orth has learned to shapeshift and could well be anywhere... : blue, dragon, storm, flight, purple, lightning, rain, orth, daemonslayers, OC, characters, digital, painting, full body, Trade - Moongara  Type: Art Trade Character: Moongara Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  Moongara .  This is my part of a trade (Normally I don't do trades, but the return was a sculpture, so I made an exception there ^^). : Trade, moongara, dragon, tiger, dragontiger, hybrid, red, scales, armour, smoke, wings, smoke wings, mist, full body, sabre toothed, sabre, digital, painting. feral Eastern Dragon  Media: Pen and ink lineart, shaded with chinese calligraphy ink, coloured digitally in Photoshop Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  It's a few years old now but I still love this piece :)  If it had any deeper meaning to me I'd get it as a tattoo but really it's just a dragon I drew wot I liked. : asian, dragon, chinese, wyrm, evil, black, paynes grey, dark blue, dark, red eyes, red, smoke, tattoo, full body,
Four Dragons  Media: Digital Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts. Also via my  DeviantArt here .   Originally I called it 'Elemental Dragons' but there's not really a clearly defined 'earth', 'air', 'fire' (ok, the red's definitely fire so ignore that bit) or 'water' so it's just 'Four Dragons' instead.  They're Tymaeran dragons, of course ^^  Blue dragon (Arian bloodline) - air, water Red dragon (Korth bloodline) - fire Black dragon (Deryos bloodline) - earth, water Green dragon (Ssithar bloodline) - earth, air : elemental, dragons, elements, fire, earth, air, water, red, black, green, blue, portrait, fantasy, digital unicorns2  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Characters: Dire Unicorns Aelrhys, Wildfyre and Serpentia   ...evil! Well, these ones anyway.  More Daemonslayers art ^^  Here we have Serpentia, Wildfyre and Aelrhys; should be obvious who's who. They're three of the dire unicorns (Knightmare's brethren), some of the others I've drawn already, others I have yet to. All twisted up in their own special ways into dark reflections of the gentle creatures of light they once were. Before the demon goddess Shine captured and changed them into the accursed beings they are now, these immortal creatures (I'll draw the rest at some point) were the wardens of the enchanted forests and pristine wildernesses of the lands of Southern Caevalonia, now reduced to barren, blasted wastelands.  However even darkness has different levels. The very worst of the dire unicorns are those with broken horns. These beings are utterly evil and beyond redemption. Those with their horns intact may be open to reason but are generally unable to prevent themselves spreading madness and destruction wherever they wander.  Lightning stock courtesy of me! (I managed to photograph lightning! Couldn't believe my luck!). : unicorn, unicorns, dire, evil, fire, skeleton, equine, medusa, snakes, serpent mane, daemonslayers, demonic, lightning, flaming, OC, original characters frostbite1  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Frostbite  Another being from the 'Daemonslayers' world of Tymaera.  "Ferath, known better as Frostbite, dragon of the Icy Wastes. As cold as the frozen lands he inhabits, he takes little interest in the outside world. He did once stir himself to fight alongside the cadre of dragons known as the Seven, bringing about the breaking of the Old Empire but even before the dust had settled he was returning south, telling the black dragon Bloodbane he was more than welcome to crown himself Emperor if that was the game he wanted to play, so long as Frostbite's lands were left in peace. Thinking countless miles of ice, snow and permafrost a poor prize, the other dragon agreed but had he known the secrets of the wastes, the treasure-hungry beast may have reconsidered for they hold in their icy heart the ruins of a forgotten civilisation and incredible treasures of ancient knowledge and terrible power. Which Frostbite isn't going to tell anyone about. Yet while the dragon sits in his frozen city lair and counts his treasure the world moves on and it's only a matter of time before someone, somewhere takes an interest in what may be hidden in the frozen South..." : Frostbite, white, dragon, white dragon, snow, ice, evil, dark mouth, full body, fierce, daemonslayers, original character, The Dragon of Despair  Media: Pen and ink, watercolour for shading. Coloured in Photoshop. Published in:  'Dragonworld: Amazing Dragons, Advice and Inspiration from the Artists of Deviantart'  published by Impact Books. Features a few of my pictures in various media, and an artist interview where I explain how awesome dragons are... Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  I'm still proud of this one :-) : four, winged, black, dragon, dragon of despair, despair, dark, fire, red, storm, sky, published,
Portrait Commission - Dracanius  Type: Portrait Commission Character: Dracanius Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  Cupooterluvr .  A portrait commission for Cupooterluvr on dA of his dragon character Dracanius.  Black dragons are still my favourite to colour :) : portrait, commission, black, dragon, male, threat, display, storm, dark, clouds, bust, head, digital, Commission - Vvlkn  Media: Digital painting (Photoshop) Commission for  Vvlkn  over on Deviantart of his namesake character.  Another commission for Vvlkn featuring a scene from Vvlkn's past. I'm super proud of this one - the original is on A3 paper (huge, compared to the size I usually work) and the photoshop file enormous! It took forever but was worth the time and effort, I reckon ^^ : Commission, vvlkn, red, dragon, black and white, castle, scene, knights, army, horses, battle, mountains, lake, walled city, scene, illustration, commission, greyscale, Commission - Sakura  Commission for  ZombieHun  over on Deviantart. I had a choice of what to draw for this commission. It was hard to choose because she has some awesome designs but the undead being known as Sakura in particular caught my attention with the uniqueness of its design. I'm not normally one for pink, but I really enjoyed putting that cherry blossom on. : Commission, sakura, dragon, tree, horns, cherry tree, blossom, pink, undead, chinese, asian, eastern, dragon, praying, dark, zombiehun Commission - The Veil of Paroketh  Media: Digital painting (Photoshop) Commission for  Vvlkn  over on Deviantart of his namesake character.  Imposing as the implacable mountains from which he surveys his domain. The title is for you to ponder.  I really dug the red dragon in the snow idea (lol, obviously not a total-white-out blizzard or the view would be disappointing). I've nothing against them in lava/hot environments but there's something so stark and imposing about a red dragon against white, like the shock of fresh blood on virgin snow. : red, dragon, mountain, blizzard, huge, wings, vvlkn, photoshop, digital, storm, mountaintop, snow, commission, full body
Charge  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Characters:  Blackjack  and  Knightmare   Thundering along.  I really wouldn't want to get in the way of these two...  I'm planning to use this as the cover for Chapter 5 of Heritage... when I manage to finish it! I'm about halfway now and have a few more pages planned, just need the time to sit and draw them out properly.  If anyone's interested in the method to my madness, I've done a walk through of this over at the DS  Facebook Page . : daemonslayers, project, character, OC, blackjack, syrax, knightmare, dire, evil, unicorn, black, red, green, wings, fire, unidragon, alicorn, cursed, black dragon, warrior, charge, attack, Portrait Commission - Cyfan (feral,dragon)  Type: Full Body Commission Character: Cyfan Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  FuzzyWazzy .  Another Commission for FuzzyWazzy on FA of his tiger-dragon Cyfan. This time in full dragon form.  The firey wings and mane were a lot of fun! : commission, tiger, anthro, black, yellow, stripes, striped, dragon, hybrid, tigerdragon, wings, scales, horned, horns, portrait, furry, fur, feral, Commission - Mountain Dragon  Type: Full Commission Method: Digital painting in Photoshop.  Commissioned piece. No proper title. The remit was for a red and gold dragon with a mountainous backdrop. I did make one tiny alteration just now to try and fix that mountain on the left to stop it leading you off the page, otherwise this has been complete for a couple of months now but it was a birthday present for someone (heh, I'm a sucker for that sort of commission - such a nice idea!) so I made sure they'd had it before I uploaded! Apparently it was very well received, which is nice to know ^^  I gotta say I'm proud of this! I had free reign on the dragon's design and got really stuck in on the detail :-) and had lots of fun with the lighting and scenery. : dragon, red, gold, feral, western, golden, wings, mountains, full body, night, flying, detail, fire breathing, flames, spitfire, forest, commission, Stormlight  Media: Photoshop. Print: available through my  Redbubble  and  Zazzle  accounts.  This almost drove me nuts since it took about 25-30 hours. : blue, dragon, detailed, stormlight, ancient, scales, digital, painting, spines, winged, storm, light, membrane, fin
Commission - Mezma  Type: Full-body Commission Characters: Mezma Art for:  Mezma   This was a challenge which I very much enjoyed.  It's a good few years old now but I'm still quite proud of it. Also the first outing for the Wacom Intuos tablet I had just got at the time.  I'm happy to say I got a Daily Deviation for this over on DeviantArt :-) May I present to you Mezma, Guardian of the Bleeding Darkness. The elemental powers she wields are ice, lightning, fire, earth, water and air. I'll leave it to you to figure out which is which. : mezma, full body, commission, dragon, guardian of the bleeding dark, multi limbed, six arms, elemental, elements, fire, air, earth, water, lightning, light, magic, goddess, feather winged, membrane, digital Commission - Dracoliche Narilyte  Type: Art Trade Characters: Narilyte Commissioned by/character owned by:  Narilyte .  Narilyde commissioned me to draw their namesake character as a dracoliche and to go to town with the detail. How could I resist? This took many months working on and off but I think it benefitted from the extra time and attention and I have to say I'm still really proud of the result. : commission, blue, dragon, dracolich, dracoliche, undead, zombie, full body, narilyte, evil, dark, painting, forest, night, moon, fog, mist, Portrait Commission - Emprorio  Type: Portrait Commission Character: Emprorio Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  Num8 .  Portrait commission for Num8 of his demonic dragon character Emprorio. Lots of details but I totally dug this guy. : emprorio, demon, monster, anthro, furry, armour, warrior, portrait, commission, digital, colour Commission - Cyfan (feral form)  Type: Full Body Commission Character: Cyfan Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  FuzzyWazzy .  Another Commission for FuzzyWazzy on FA of his tiger-dragon Cyfan. Discovered a new method for shading fur.. and got a bit carried away on it :D : commission, tiger, anthro, black, yellow, stripes, striped, dragon, hybrid, tigerdragon, wings, scales, horned, horns, portrait, furry, fur, feral, full body,
Red Dragon  Media: Pen and ink lineart, shaded with chinese calligraphy ink, coloured digitally in Photoshop Print: available through my  Deviantart account.   Drawn using the same methods as that 'Eastern Dragon' picture. : red dragon, dragon, red, flying, wings, design, tattoo, full body, fantasy, traditional, A Little Magic  Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack  Late 2015  .. but there's always a price. In his cursed form Black' can only use blood magic, which is hard going and tends to involve headaches like you wouldn't believe along with bleeding out your face and lungs. Really he'd rather let someone else take the risks but sometimes needs must and you have to do the job yourself.  And hurrah - I still remembered which end of the stylus you're supposed to point at the tablet. A very brief foray back into digital work. (well, mostly. All the hard work was done with a brush pen really). : blackjack, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, cursed, black, dragon, hybrid, anthro, furry, humanoid, magic, spellcasting, daemonslayers, warrior, meditation, meditate, meditating, full body, A winning Smile  Media: Digital  Is it me or does he look sort of friendly? Sort of. : black, dragon, black dragon, smile, ink, dark, portrait, head, twisted, horns, horned Portrait Commission - Ayu  Type: Portrait Commission Character: Ayu Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  Shralen .  Commission for Shralen on dA of her dragon Ayu. Her golden markings change to blue when wet, so I figured I'd try to include that in the picture. : ayu, blue, aqua, dragoness, gold, stripes, colour change, water, swimming, cyan, turquoise, green, portrait, commission, dragon, headshot, head, bust, wing, spikes, ivory, horns
Commission - Vvlkn - detail  Media: Digital painting (Photoshop) Commission for  Vvlkn  over on Deviantart of his namesake character.  Zoomed in for detail. : red, dragon, mountain, blizzard, huge, wings, vvlkn, photoshop, digital, storm, mountaintop, snow, commission, full body Red Sky  Media: Photoshop, hand drawn lines.  Just a dragon having a bit of a fly. : red, black, dragon, dorsal view, flying grey, wings, red, sky, sunset, clouds, flight, full body, Portrait Commission - Melanath rage  Type: Portrait Commission Character: Melanath Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  Melanth    This here is a commission for Melanth of his dragon character.  Managed a turnaround of 24 hours on this - probably my fastest commission ever :D I thoroughly enjoyed making this a bit dramatic/dynamic. : Portrait, Commission, Melanath, rage, dragon, striped, attack, flying, dynamic, orange, red, storm, sky, talons, outstretched, melanth Potrait Commission - Cyfan  Type: Portrait Commission Character: Cyfan Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  FuzzyWazzy .  Commission for FuzzyWazzy on FA of his tiger-dragon hybrid Cyfan. Lots of fun with the fur on this :) : portrait, commission, tiger, anthro, black, yellow, stripes, striped, dragon, hybrid, tigerdragon, wings, scales, horned, horns, portrait, furry, fur
maionios commission  Character: Maionios Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  Maionios .  Maionios commissioned me to draw his character as his regular male self, and as a female version. It was a challenge, but I'm proud of the result! Also this is my first time fully inking something in Photoshop (thanks to my trusty Cintiq) :-) Not sure that'll become a regular thing though, since it takes longer than if I'd inked it traditionally. : Commission, maionios, anthro, furry, black, red, black and red, dragon, dragoness, male, female, version, character, full body, Haunted  Media: Digital colour, pencil sketch Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Shade   Shade never fully escaped the Spirit World... He's repressed the memories, but they're always there at the edge of his mind, waiting for recall. Needless to say, Raven's presence doesn't help. : daemonslayers, shade, project, character, undead, dracoliche, dracolich, spirit world, haunted, ghosts, digital, painting, oC, human, werewolf, Portrait Commission - Weresyxx  Type: Portrait Commission Character: Weresyxx Character Owned by/Art Commissioned by:  Wolviesyxx : weresyxx, portrait, commission, dragon, wolf, green, black, antlers, Black Ice Dragon  Media: Pen and ink and photoshop : black, dragon, head, portrait, face, purple, ice, black ice dragon, evil, fierce, spikey, horns, detailed, digital,
Winterheart the False Goddess  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Winterheart  Quite possibly the most evil and feared dragon ever to have existed on Tymaera, Winterheart's name is spoken as if it were a curse even by the gods. An ancient beast even in the Age of Immortals, she followed the lesser deity Laythren, god of Vices. Until her own arrogance led her to think she could do a better job. She challenged Laythren to battle and won. Defeated he pleaded for mercy but, true to what her name suggests, Winterheart knew nothing of mercy. She slew him and claimed his status and godhood for her own. The other gods were furious at this mortal's behaviour and refused to acknowledge her Ascension. Moreover, they demanded of the Patron of Dragons, the demi-god Kalganos, that she be punished. Privately rather pleased with Winterheart's actions, he was lenient compared to their demands... The 'False Goddess', as she became known, is cursed to sleep only awakening briefly once every ten thousand years when her ragged shadow will cover the land and her dreams of destruction become terrible reality : daemonslayers, winterheart, world building, character, oc, dragon, dragoness, goddess, evil, black, red, detailed, full body, portrait, rising, terrible Winterheart - detail  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Winterheart  In all her evil detail. : daemonslayers, winterheart, world building, character, oc, dragon, dragoness, goddess, evil, black, red, detailed, full body, portrait, rising, terrible Gold Dragon 'Repose'  Media: Digital painting Print: Available through my  DeviantArt Print Account .  Don't be mistaken by the metallic scales: on Tymaera metallic doesn't ='good' and chromatic doesn't mean 'evil'... (that tends to be governed more by Bloodline or individual leanings) Tymaeran dragons angle more toward 'lawful' and 'chaotic' respectively ... it just means this guy's probably not going to randomly bite your head off for the fun of it (unless you give him a good reason to). And he wouldn't feel sorry for you if he did - gold dragons are notoriously up their own arses about other species being inferior to dragons (rather like reds, but with better tempers).  The purple eye... besides it being a nice complement to the gold (so I thought :D), there's another reason - the typical breath weapon of Tymaeran gold dragons is a kind of supercharged liquid potassium (which you may remember from chemistry lessons at school ignites in air and burns with a luvverly purple colour) so purple seemed to make sense. : gold, dragon, evil, mean, repose, relaxing, lying down, full body, digital, daemonslayers, golden dragon, Azeth the Dracyre  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Azeth the Dracyre  Azeth. As the title suggests he's a vampiric dragon i.e. a dracyre. They're slightly more common than dracoliches and are equally despised by normal dragons for being an aberration to the species.  Azeth features early on in the Daemonslayers and gets a mention in 'Heritage' ... he was the creature that moved into Uth Nagor during Bloodbane's 'absence' and Shade and Blackjack (with a little help - it's also the story where Raven first shows up) have to get the unwelcome squatter to move on.  Those fangs there flick forward when he bares his teeth to strike, otherwise they are swept back against the outside of his upper jaw. : vampire, dragon, dracyre, evil, red, undead, vampyre, fangs, digital, full body, daemonslayers, project, character, OC
'Mad' Jakkle  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  'Mad' Jakkle   Here we have Mad Jakkle, better known across Caevalonia as the infamous ‘Midnight Sorcerer’ and various other names. He’s a staunch enemy of the Empire and particularly its wizards, who view sorcerers, a rare breed as they are, as far too powerful for their own good. Despite dire legends that surround him, he’s not actually evil but he does lacks empathy and compassion on an individual level. He’s a hoarder and guardian of knowledge and the library of his home, the Hidden Tower, is without equal – not that he’s about to share it with anyone as he considers most mortals far too feeble minded to handle the arcane secrets he holds.   He doesn’t like being called ‘Mad’ so it’s best not to call him that to his face. : mad jakkle, oc, character, original, daemonslayers, project, dragon, wolf, hybrid, dracosvulf, drawolf, silver, wings, sorcerer, magician, mage, wizard, magic, spell, spellcasting, Moorin Portrait  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Moorin   Here’s Moorin, the degarii (cat people) warrior. He’s a mutant and standing at approximately 2 metres is a giant amongst his kind. I do find four arms a bit difficult for the drawing which is probably why he doesn’t get drawn often. That and my last picture of him was so genuinely awful (it’s on the DS site but I didn’t upload it anywhere else) that I was put off trying again for the last few years. Good news is I can draw better now than back then, or at least I hope so but don’t expect any pictures of him fighting the demon knight Geirrodur any time soon… I’d have a meltdown trying to place all those arms!! He’s the fairly typical hearty warrior type which, I know, is really one of those cliché fantasy tropes but that doesn’t change the fact it’s fun to write that sort of character :D Good natured, honest but you wouldn’t want to be on his bad side. He’s friends with Blackjack – something of which his wife deeply disapproves as she considers him a bad influence given how if he’s involved her husband invariably ends up going on dangerous quests/getting involved in bar fights etcetc.  So far Moorin appears in ‘Descent’ when his daughter goes missing and the Daemonslayers help find her – which is easier said than done given the daemon Izael (picture thumb) is involved. And this story I’ve actually completed. Go me. : moorin, daemonslayers, OC, original character, character, feline, male, warrior, fighter, four arms, multi limbed, mace, warhammer, weapon, portrait, digital, cat, brown, fur, anthro 'Moonsong' Cover Art  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Shade  and  Soul  (wereforms)  'Cover' for the short comic 'Moonsong' over on the Daemonslayers site. Mostly an excuse for lots of werewolf drawing! : moonsong, comic, cover, shade, soul, daemonslayers, werewolves, werewolf, lycanthrope, undead, dire lycanthrope, female, male, project, OC, characters The Daemonslayers - collab with Profanebeast  Lineart by:  Profanebeast (JPaolo Yu-Asensi)   Media: Watercolour for shading, colour added digitally. Over Profanebeast's magnificent linework. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Characters:  Blackjack  and  Shade . : shade, blackjack, daemonslayers, profanebeast, lineart, colour, comic, battle, fight, warriors, collaboration
Necrodragon  Media: Photoshop over pen and ink lines.  This chap has seen better days. : necrodragon, undead, dracoliche, dracolich, dragon, black, red spikes, membrane, ribs, bones, skull, decayed, photoshop, digital, green, mist Acid  Media: Digital painting over pen and ink. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Syrax Bloodbane (Blackjack)   Before he was cursed, Syrax really wasn't a very nice dragon. At all.  It's debatable he does a lot more good as Blackjack but he's unlikely to see it that way. : syrax, bloodbane, blackjack, black, dragon, black dragon, daemonslayers, character, oc, original character, true form, detail, evil, smile, fierce, digital, acid, colour Message In Blood  Media: Pen and ink, brush pens, shaded in Photoshop 2013 Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   I'd been at the Pantera again when I drew this... Lineart done by hand; tidying up, shading and red added in Photoshop. Oh, and marvel at how I managed to keep things simple... for once I set out to do simple shading and actually managed to achieve simple shading without it turning into a 20 hour fully-rendered ordeal. In part this is because I'm still very limited on how much I can do on the computer with my gammy wrist, but lets not dwell on that. : Blackjack, cursed, black, dragon, dracosvulf, dragon, wolf, hybrid, dragonwolf, demon, skull, demon skull, daemon, winged, ink, wings, black and white, greyscale, daemonslayers, project, message in blood Ahri - spellcasting  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Characters:  Ahri .  She has some command of elemental magic but not very well since she doesn't have a strong enough will to control the power (which is kind of dangerous for her and those around her since magic isn't something you mess with on Tymaera) so she'll only use it if she has to. Still... makes for fun drawing XD : ahri, oc, original character, daemonslayers, project, full body, dragonwolf, dracolf, dracosvulf, humanoid, anthro, dragon wolf hybrid, shaman, female, woman, shamaness, magic, casting spell, whip, digital, colour
The Nest  Media: Digital, pen and ink Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   So. There you are thinking you've found a handy cave to crash in for the night and would you know, it turns out to be occupied by an aracheer and her nest of creepy little four-leggety-spidery-hellspawn arach offspring. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Blackjack certainly does especially since he's not terribly fond of anything spidery to begin with (but don't tell him I told you that). : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, aracheer, monsters, spiders, lair, fight, axe, unbinder Blackjack - colour collab  Media: Watercolour, digital colour over Lineart Lineart by:  Renecordova   Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, collaboration, colour, commission Red  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   Trying a new technique for digital colouring here.  It was a bit time consuming but I quite liked the results. : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, red, portrait, digital, realistic Waiting for Night  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Characters:  Darkclaw .  Darkclaw prefers to work at night. It's an assassin thing. So he's just chilling out, waiting around for it to get fully dark. : darkclaw, anthro, lizardman, blue, assassin, desert, night, standing, daemonslayers, OC, character, hssaar, hybrid, scalie, digital, colour, full body, night, waiting, city, mist, river
Character Profile - Ember  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Characters: Ember Appears in: Heritage    I was scanning a few things from my 'Heritage' sketchbook (in a surprising fit of self-organisation, I reckoned it'd be a good idea to keep all my comic workings in the same place!). One of those things was a pic of Ember who makes an unwelcome appearance in chapter 2. Next thing I knew I was colouring it : daemonslayers, project, oc, original character, creature, tymaera, worldbuilding, character, ember, amoranth, black, red, dragon, black red dragon, full body, villain, enemy, digital, heritage, comic, graphic novel Kindred Spirits  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack  and  Knightmare   Blackjack and his (relatively) loyal steed, Knightmare. Given their frequent 'personality clashes' it seems at first surprising that these two have tolerated one another's company for as long as they have but they are in a way kindred spirits, having both lost everything that they were to demonic powers. Whilst Blackjack has regained at least some memory of his former life and can even regain his true form on occasion, for Knightmare there is no way back to his once noble unicorn self - even his true name is lost to him. All that is left is a twisted, hateful creature that delights in harm and spite though his overriding hatred for demonkind surpasses his ill will towards other beings. Despite the common goal, Knightmare has been known to turn on those around him, including his master. Luckily for Blackjack the worst he's suffered during one of these 'episodes' is a few broken ribs but he always has to keep half an eye on the beast. : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, knightmare, dire unicorn, unicorn, dragon, hybrid, unidragon, alicorn, wings, dark, evil, black, green, red, rearing, kindred spirits, heritage, cover, comic, digital, colour izael c  Media: pen and ink lines, watercolour shading, digital colour Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character: Daemon Prince Izael Appears in:  "Descent"   Izael, Daemon Prince and all-round nasty (as well he would be given he manages to string Blackjack up on meathooks in 'Descent';). He was the faithful servant of one of the dark gods... until he got ideas above his station and was subsequently cast out to fend for himself in the underworlds. Turns out he did rather well for himself as he now has his own realm, lots of dead souls to torment and a veritable army of sheekra daemon chums to do his bidding. Dark elves in particular like to call on his aid in return for sacrifices (ideally young virgins - he's a bit unimaginative and old school like that) and stuff. This is his true minus the writhing shadows he's usually wreathed in. He can change his appearance at will though usually favours either this look or that of a beguiling humanoid (I use the 'oid' because it's usually obvious he isn't human).  Once again shaded with watercolours before colouring on PC. Paper texture in bg by the uber-talented Hibbary and can be found here --> : daemonslayers, project, oc, original species, creature, tymaera, worldbuilding, hellbeast, monster, demon, daemon, izael, daemon prince, enemy, villain, evil, monster, wing hands, digital, colour, bone tail, descent, story, character shade by istarrscream colou  Media: Watercolour, digital colour over Lineart Lineart by:  Profanebeast   Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack  and Shade : shade, warrior, fighter, human, male, blonde, daemonslayer, daemonslayers, OC, project, undead, raven, lycanthrope, werewolf, dire werewolf, daemonslayers, blackjack, mist demon, daemon, fight, battle, action, scene, profanebeast
SLAP  Media: Digital Art Trade Characters:  Blackjack  and  Kuraime (A.Kroese)   My half of a character interaction trade with Kuraime.  Her character and Blackjack seem to be getting along fine.  Oh, wait. : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, kuraime, art trade, female, slap, angry, slapped Daemonslayers  Lineart by:  Dawwid Frederik Strauss    Media: Digital colour Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Characters:  Blackjack  and  Shade : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, collaboration, dawid frederik, digital, Wolf and Raven - coloured panel  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Shade   Coloured panel from the 'Wolf and Raven' comic. : shade, warrior, fighter, human, male, blonde, daemonslayer, daemonslayers, OC, project, undead, raven, lycanthrope, werewolf, dire werewolf,  fight, attacking, demon, monster, daemon, sword, fireblade, Shade - wereform  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Shade  (wereform)  Looks like he's ready to fight in some beatemup video game or something. : shade, warrior, fighter, male, blonde, daemonslayer, daemonslayers, OC, project, undead, raven, lycanthrope, werewolf, dire werewolf, wereform, transformed, full moon, digital, colour, full body
Through Smoke and Shadow - detail  Media: Digital colour over charcoal drawing. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Syrax Bloodbane (Blackjack)   Close-up from 'Through Smoke and Shadows'. : syrax, bloodbane, blackjack, black, dragon, black dragon, daemonslayers, character, oc, original character, true form, detail, evil, roar, fierce, digital, acid, colour, through smoke and shadow, reaching, digital, detail, portrait, charcoal, The Coming Storm  Media: Digital over pen and ink lines. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack   Got a Daily Deviation for this one! Proud moment :-) : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, the coming storm, sunlight, storm, standing, watchful, menacing Sometimes  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:  Blackjack : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, red, blue, eye, bloody, blood, teeth, grin, grinning, smile, digital, colour Batty  Media: Pen and ink, pencil shading, digital colour Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Species: Vampire (proto)  He eats sparkly vampires for breakfast, btw. : vampire, bat, feral, gothic, evil, dark,
Sepuket  Media: Digital Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Species:  Sepuket : sepuket, reference, original species, oc, project, tymaera, worldbuilding, creature, undead, skull, face, fur, feral, walking, desert, night, dark Dire Wolf  Media: brush pen, digital colour. Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Species: Dire wolves   Dire wolves are also known as 'wolflords', since some legends whispered by travellers at flickering firesides suggest they are lords over normal wolves, created by Vahal, the god of the hunt, to lead them. There have been sightings of them in amongst other species of wolves, but these are anecdotal tales at best, from survivors who had been scared so witless their accounts cannot be taken too seriously. However, it is easy to see why they have this name though as they are easily distinguished from their less supernatural kin. They are very large, almost the size of a small horse, with fur so dark they stand as one with the shadows, only their red eyes marking their presence. Their fangs and claws are more pronounced than a normal wolf's and when they reach maturity many individuals will sprout a crown of horns which continue to grow as they age. Their eyes are very sensitive to light and cannot stand sunlight. Even with heavy cloud cover, full daylight is hard for them to bear. As such dire wolves are almost exclusively nocturnal.  Dire wolves are heavy and built for strength and power but not speed. They are easily outrun by all but the most ponderous of prey but what dire wolves lack in speed they more than make up for in stamina and single-minded pursuit. Prey is simply chased until it either makes a deadly mistake or runs itself into the ground.  They are relentless, cunning hunters living either alone or in very small packs of five individuals at the most. They are often confused with hellbeasts (and it is likely some of their reputation for bloody, senseless slaughter may have been falsely attributed to them when in fact a hellbeast was responsible) but they are not daemons. Some magic does however run in their blood, showing in the red balefire glow of their eyes, and their enhanced intelligence. Legends suggest they may be able to speak, or at least understand language, but there is no solid evidence of this. Some dire wolves may also sport unusual markings that start to glow as they close in for the kill. Then there are the tales of vengeful dire wolves that hunt down and kill those who have slain their kin, sometimes stalking them for years, seen only as a fleeting shadow at the corner of their quarry's vision, waiting for them to venture out into the wilds alone... : daemonslayers, project, oc, original species, creature, tymaera, worldbuilding, dire wolf, wolf, dire, black, horned, red eyes, teeth, roar, snarl, digital, colour, head, face, mouth The Beast Within  Media: Indian ink, brush, digital colouring Project link:  "The Daemonslayers"  Character:   Shade   (wereform). : shade, warrior, fighter, human, male, blonde, daemonslayer, daemonslayers, OC, project, undead, raven, lycanthrope, werewolf, dire werewolf, wereform, transformation, the beast within Celtic Frost  Media: Digital Drawn as a gift for a friend who I sadly lost touch with. Sam Moss, aka Mossrock.  Hope he's doing well these days. Named in homage to the band, obvs.  Was sooo proud of this at the time. Coloured with a mouse - my hand nearly fell off.  Got my first Wacom (a Graphire) shortly afterwards and what a gamechanger that was. : celtic frost, white dragon, white, blue, dragon, digital, full body,